Have You Really Bought Low Price High Quality Eyelashes?

Have You Really Bought Low Price High Quality Eyelashes?

Today, one of my clients has placed a large Wholesale Eyelashes order.

Two weeks ago she found me through my Instagram and wanted to buy some Mink eyelashes and Eyelashes boxes.
When I told her the price, she said, “I won’t buy your Eyelashes, it’s too expensive! Another supplier only sell me 3usd and include exquisite boxes.”To be honest, I was not surprised about this low price, cause the prices on the market are really varied .


As a Eyelash Vendor in the Eyelash industry for more than ten years, the cost of  High-quality lashes raw materials, the cost of top workers, and the costs of advanced design are very familiar, unless there is a Eyelashes factory that wants to lose money to help others, otherwise it is impossible to be high quality. The price is reported under the circumstances.

Then he told me “In fact, I have bought some pairs for test quality, no problem at all, the quality is very good”
I said, “How much are you going to sell?”
She said, “I am going to sell 15usd a pair.”


Then I gave her a suggestion. “You can buy 10 pairs of our Mink Lashes and compare them. If you don’t like it, you can sell 15usd dollars and no longer purchase from me, also you will not lose money.”In fact, our Mink eyelashes are on the market at a price of 25-30usd a pair.

She considered it for a time and finally agreed with my suggestion. At the same time, she also purchased 500 pairs of Eyelashes from another supplier.


Just yesterday she found me again. She told me that when she received the goods, she found that the quality of the 500 pairs was completely different from the quality of the samples she had purchased before. She was cheated.

Poor Quality Mink Eyelashes She Send Me

I really feel sorry for this, she lost a lot of money.
At the same time, I am also very angry. There are always Lahes suppliers who deceive consumers with “good and cheap”.We do not bother to attract customers with low quality and low price, this is not the concept of Hermeslashes. Our product quality is our best advertisement.

“Good quality and low price” is just a gimmick that some suppliers have proposed to attract customers. The really advanced goods will make you more profitable, sell quickly and promote the flow of funds, and stabilize the flow of attracting your customers.  Not what your purchase cost is.

Hermeslashes High Quality Mink Eyelashes

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Hermeslashes,  dedicated to handmade High quality mink eyelashes, helping you make more profit!



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