How To Pick And Wear Eyelashes For Yourself?

 How To Pick And Wear Eyelashes For Yourself?

Women like things that can make themselves more beautiful and more refined. Just like eyelashes. But there are a lot of women who don’t know how to pick a suitable eyelashes and wear them. Today I will give you some tips:

1.Pick the eyelashes

You choose not just a beauty material, but a work of art that makes you perfect, it can cover up and decorate the shortcomings of your eyes.

  • If your eyes are very round and you want to achieve the effect of lengthening the eye shape, optimize the proportion of the eyes and face, then choose the long tail of the eye, like the Cat-eye eyelashes. This style of eyelashes fills the gap between the end of the eye and the temple. For example, my face is big, the following are my favorites. This kind of long tail looks more feminine.
  • If your eyes are slender and long,and you want to achieve the effect of magnifying the eyes, you can choose False eyelashes with short ends and long middle. This style makes the shape of the eyes look more rounded and more energetic.





Different scenes should matched with different styles of makeup and Eyelashes styles. It’s like wearing a suit at a meeting and wearing a dress at a party.

  • Daily naturalmakeup. Like commute makeup, I recommend you choose a light and Natural styles lashes. The effect can naturally be lengthened and not thick, the look will not be very heavy, it is very suitable for daily light makeup.




  • At the party party, the makeup is suitable for delicateheavy makeup, it will be a good opportunity to show yourself. You can choose some long and Thick curled eyelashes, and then with a more complete eye makeup, you can enlarge the eyes. The bigger the eyes, the more charming.




No matter a light makeup or a heavy makeup, Long eyelashes or Short eyelashes, it’s your choice,your thoughts, there are no fixed requirements. But they will bring you a better mood and a more beautiful self.

2.Wear eyelashes

First of all, I have collected a lot of problems when customers wear eyelashes. Maybe you have also encountered them. These problems are caused by incorrect wearing methods.

So how should you wear them when you carefully select the suitable eyelashes?

In fact, it is very simple, here are some steps:

(Note: Wearing eyelashes is the step after painting the eyeshadow)


  • Preparation tools: Eyelash curler, Eyelash scissors, Eyelash tweezer, Eyelash glue, Eyelash brush.


Lashes Tools


  • First put your own eyelashes out of the arc with the Eyelash curler. Be careful to apply multiple presses on the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes, rather than just one position, so that the eyelashes will bend naturally and last.
  • Make the Eyelashes band softer and more conformable to your eye shape, and you can bend the Lashes by hand along its curvature.


  • Compare the length of your eyes and trim the ends of the False eyelashes to make it more suitable for your eye length.
  • Apply glue to the Mink Eyelashes, you can blow 2-3 breaths, wait a little dry and then paste, so that the viscosity is stronger. You can apply more Lashes glue to the eye and tail. Note: The glue may just be extruded in white/black, and the glue will become transparent when it is dry.


  • When wearing False lashes, pay attention to the position. You can leave a little at the front of your eyes according to your preference. And you can refer to the position of the eyeball. First use the middle part of the false eyelashes to start touching the eyelids, not thefront of eyes or the ends of the eyes. Then stick the ends of the false eyelashes to the eyes.


  • After the glue is dry, hold the Lash curler together and clip the true eyelashes and false eyelashes together to adjust to the curling degree you want.


  • Finally, you can brush some Mascara less, but don’t brush it dirty!


Follow the steps above and a firm and Clean false eyelash will stick to your eyes perfectly~

Are you just wearing a false eyelashes?  

—No, it is more beautiful, more confident, more perfect, and more refined.

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