Is plastic surgery necessary?– Hermeslashes Dramatic Eyelashes

Is plastic surgery necessary? — Hermeslashes Dramatic Eyelashes

Many people are not confident. They feel that their faces are not perfect, their eyes are not big enough, their noses are not beautiful enough, their mouths are not sexy enough… So they chose a facelift.
It is undeniable that many girls have become more beautiful through minor surgical adjustments. However, there are also many girls whose faces have become uniform and even stiff. This is a risky operation.

It’s normal for every girl to want to be more beautiful. But what is beautiful?
Is it beautiful that others think?
Or do you want to pursue the same beauty as others?
Does that really make sense?

— Of course not!

Is the face of the popular lover sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe and the popular star Lady Gaga Golden proportion? Of course not, they all have their own characteristics, and with their own temperament, then they become more perfect.

I have written a blog before: what kind of style is the star model. We have introduced Natural 16mm eyelashes, Exquisite 20mm eyelashes, Long 25mm eyelashes, Super long 28mm eyelashes, Double layer eyelashes, Thick mink eyelashes and hundreds of other styles.

why? — In order for you to find the one that belongs to you. Instead of being forced to accept the aesthetics of others.Or copy others beauty.

You don’t have to hurt yourself to make yourself “beautiful”, you are beautiful enough. Just like Hermeslashes,We are not blindly pursuing Hot Mink eyelashes, but The best mink eyelashes that belong to you.

How to place an order?

Send me the model you like! Shipped within one week!



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