Meaningful Mink Lashes–Difficulties Help You Grow

Meaningful Mink Lashes–Difficulties Help You Grow

In China, there is an old story called “Carps Jumping over the Dragon Gate”.

The general meaning of the story is: There are many carps living in the ancient Yellow River in China. There is also a very mysterious place called “Dragon Gate”. It is a very tall door. The belief of each carp is to jump over the Dragon Gate, Carp, who successfully jump rapids and leap over waterfalls, change into fish-dragons. So even though they fell down and wounded again and again, they continued to try again and again.Until jumping over.

This is a story I feel deeply, especially when I experience setbacks again and again. At that time, a gleaming gantry will appear in my mind, and a voice encourages me, I can do it. !

Because the live fish will go upstream, only the dead fish will follow the tide.

The same is true of Hermeslashes in the past 11 years. No industry or company is completely smooth, and the Mink Eyelash industry is also. But every setback makes us stronger. Every time we solve problems, it make us stronger. Every market change makes us more convinced of our choices – to make High-end mink eyelashes, to make Highest quality mink eyelashes, to make Original design mink eyelashes, to do Customized mink eyelashes.

We can do it, you can too! At least we will be your strongest backing! Walk with you.

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