Is The Quantity Of Purchases More And The Eyelashes Price Is Lower?

Is The Quantity Of Purchases More And The Eyelashes Price Is Lower?

Recently, a customer asked me if she buy 200 pairs and the price would be half cheaper than 100 pairs Mink eyelashes.

When we buy things, it is usually the more the quantity of purchases, the more favorable the price. Just like a Custom-made eyelash box, if you only customize 1 box, the price will be very expensive, because the cost of booting is very high and there will be a model fee. But if you buy 100 pieces Eyelashes boxes, the price will be much cheaper. If the quantity is 1000 pieces, the price will be cheaper, and even more than half of the price of 100 pieces.

So, the more the eyelashes are, the lower the price is?

In general, the more eyelashes purchased, the Eyelashes price we give will be slightly lower, but this is not because our cost has decreased, but we give some profits to you, reward you, let you have more capital to promote, and strive for more customers. We are willing to work with people who work hard, and we will provide more convenient and better services to those who work hard. Get the market together.


We all know that Mink eyelashes are handmade products, which must be made by the workers group by group mink and take time. The working hours of our workers are fixed. Although they are very skilled, the amount of production per day is fixed. If they are required to produce a lot at the same time, they will be anxious and may affect the quality of eyelashes.

Therefore, when the order quantity is large, they will reasonably extend the working hours in order to deliver the goods as soon as possible, and we will increase their wages accordingly, which will increase the production cost.

We hope to be your most reliable Eyelashes supplier, become your growth and become your best partner, so many times we will give you some profits. But we never deliberately sell high prices, our products are the best, they deliberately make the most profit for you.


The Delivery Date Of Mink False Eyelashes

The Delivery Date Of Mink False Eyelashes

The lead time is one of the reference standards for picking a Good lashes supplier. As a False eyelash factory, it has a unique advantage in the control of stable supply and delivery.

Recently, in order to facilitate customer purchases, we have also launched the Ready To Ship (RTS) series Mink eyelashes to withdraw funds as soon as possible, and deliver the goods within 12 hours after payment.

READY TO SHIP Mink Eyelashes Show

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In addition to the RTS series, our other styles are delivered  5-7 days of delivery within 200 pairs Mink lashes, and 10 days of delivery 200 pairs of Eyelashes or more. Custom eyelash boxes are shipped within 10-13 days. In fact, the actual production time is about one day, but our orders come from all over the world, and we need to arrange production according to the order. Therefore, in order to guarantee the inventory, please arrange the order in advance~


We have also met customers who seem to be in a hurry, even asking for the next day after payment. If the volume is large and it is not an RTS product, the probability of shipment the next day is very small.

First of all, our orders are arranged in the order of payment. Workers need to produce according to the order. We respect each customer and try to avoid the phenomenon of intermediate insertion.

On the other hand, Mink eyelashes are handmade products, which means that workers need to do eyelashes with group by group by hand. Its summer now, although our workers are very skilled, but if they are over-urged, they will be very anxious to speed up production, which may affect the quality of eyelashes. We are refusing to provide low quality eyelashes, which is not conducive to customer development.

Therefore, please arrange the Eyelashes order according to your inventory in advance, I will be online 24 hours a day, and immediately arrange the production after receiving the payment, so that it will not delay the delivery date, nor will it affect the quality.

Choose Hermeslashes, providing you with the fastest delivery time!


Be Your Own Queen-Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

Be Your Own Queen-Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

Today is July 4th, the Independence Day of the United States. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. The Declaration of Independence clearly stated that all human beings are equal and have the natural right to pursue happiness and freedom.

Whenever I think that “everyone is equal in life and has the right to pursue happiness and freedom”, my heart is very touched. This is the progress of the entire human civilization. Especially for women.

Many times when customers choose Mink lashes, they have different choices about beauty, but it is happy to know that they are all choosing for themselves, not based on the aesthetics of their husband or boyfriend, or based on to please others

Why do I think so?  You must have seen Disney’s fairy tale world, which is the princess dream of all girls. In the fairy tale of Disney, many plots are princesses who are held by evil forces. The prince saves the princess. The princess is very moved and married to the prince. Like Snow White, Cinderella and so on.


But now!

You don’t have to be a princess. You can be your own queen, be the master of yourself, fight against evil forces, and choose happiness freely. And you don’t have to think about which prince you will be married to, you can consider how you can become a queen.

Women who are independent and free to choose are the most beautiful, just like our pursuit, to be the most beautiful. Don’t have to be for anyone, just to please yourself.

So what should the Queen’s style eyelashes look like? –They are long, curled, thick, fashionable. After wearing, your temperament is more confident, more independent and more refined.

Queen Styles 25MM Single Layer / Double Layer Mink Eyelashes

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Long curled eyelashes can magnify your eyes, and the Thicker style eyelashes makes your eyes more attractive, and the Unique design eyelashes makes your eyes look more charming.

Come to Hermeslashes, choose the Queen’s styles eyelashes, be an independent woman, and be your own queen.




What is Ready To Ship (RTS) Mink Eyelashes?

What is Ready To Ship (RTS) Mink Eyelashes?

Hermeslashes has launched the RTS series Mink eyelashes. So what is RTS products?–RTS products mean Reday To Ship products, which means that the inventory is fully sufficient and can be shipped within 12 hours.

Hermeslashes is a factory specializing in the production of Mink eyelashes, we are offering  100 styles of RTS Mink lashes.

So what is the significance of RTS products? Is it just a benefit of shipping fast?


  • First, it represents the strength of the Eyelashes supplier.

We all know that to ensure the smooth development of our eyelashes business and gradually expand, a quality supplier is essential. The quantity and quality of RTS products directly reflect the strength of the supplier.

The best quality eyelashes are Handmade lashes, and the Handmade eyelashes require a lot of labors to produce. Our workers are top-notch workers who have been rigorously screened and trained, and we are with the highest level of proficiency and a large number of labors, which strictly guarantees the quality and inventory of our Mink lashes.


  • RTS helps you with your profits.

As I said in the previous blog, for wholesaler brokers, the most important thing is not the cost price but the profit and capital flow.
In fact, customers who have done business understand that the cycle of returning funds is very important. Compared with 3 days after the payment, the 3D Mink eyelashes are received  and then sold out to obtain profits immediately and received the goods two weeks after payment, the faster the receipt, the faster the refund.

Secondly, Mink eyelash is an innovative beauty product. Many of the styles we launched this time are New styles eyelashes tailored to market demand and aesthetic trends. By occupying market share in advance, you can get more customers and help you get more profits. This is a good chance for you !

READY TO SHIP Mink Eyelashes Show

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As a top quality supplier, we will focus on help your benefits, continuously optimize and innovate.

Choose RTS Mink Eyelashes, faster delivery, faster sales, faster profit, faster capital recovery, and faster growth.

Choose Hermeslashes, our strength helps you grow faster!


How to place an order?

Send me the model you like! Shipped within one week!



    Have You Really Bought Low Price High Quality Eyelashes?

    Have You Really Bought Low Price High Quality Eyelashes?

    Today, one of my clients has placed a large Wholesale Eyelashes order.

    Two weeks ago she found me through my Instagram and wanted to buy some Mink eyelashes and Eyelashes boxes.
    When I told her the price, she said, “I won’t buy your Eyelashes, it’s too expensive! Another supplier only sell me 3usd and include exquisite boxes.”To be honest, I was not surprised about this low price, cause the prices on the market are really varied .


    As a Eyelash Vendor in the Eyelash industry for more than ten years, the cost of  High-quality lashes raw materials, the cost of top workers, and the costs of advanced design are very familiar, unless there is a Eyelashes factory that wants to lose money to help others, otherwise it is impossible to be high quality. The price is reported under the circumstances.

    Then he told me “In fact, I have bought some pairs for test quality, no problem at all, the quality is very good”
    I said, “How much are you going to sell?”
    She said, “I am going to sell 15usd a pair.”


    Then I gave her a suggestion. “You can buy 10 pairs of our Mink Lashes and compare them. If you don’t like it, you can sell 15usd dollars and no longer purchase from me, also you will not lose money.”In fact, our Mink eyelashes are on the market at a price of 25-30usd a pair.

    She considered it for a time and finally agreed with my suggestion. At the same time, she also purchased 500 pairs of Eyelashes from another supplier.


    Just yesterday she found me again. She told me that when she received the goods, she found that the quality of the 500 pairs was completely different from the quality of the samples she had purchased before. She was cheated.

    Poor Quality Mink Eyelashes She Send Me

    I really feel sorry for this, she lost a lot of money.
    At the same time, I am also very angry. There are always Lahes suppliers who deceive consumers with “good and cheap”.We do not bother to attract customers with low quality and low price, this is not the concept of Hermeslashes. Our product quality is our best advertisement.

    “Good quality and low price” is just a gimmick that some suppliers have proposed to attract customers. The really advanced goods will make you more profitable, sell quickly and promote the flow of funds, and stabilize the flow of attracting your customers.  Not what your purchase cost is.

    Hermeslashes High Quality Mink Eyelashes

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    Hermeslashes,  dedicated to handmade High quality mink eyelashes, helping you make more profit!



    How to place an order?

    Send me the model you like! Shipped within one week!



      What Is The Star Eyelash?

      What is the Star Eyelash?

      Today, my client asked me what kind of style is a star model.

      I asked her:”which star do you want to be closer to?”
      She said: “I don’t know, maybe Taylor, maybe Madonna, or maybe Adele.”
      I asked : ” I can really give you the same eyelash style as they are, but are you sure that you will have the same effect after wearing it?”


      Up to now, we have produced more than 1000 types of Mink Eyelashes. In addition to the styles in the catalog, we also offer Custom eyelashes, which are only for you.

      Why? — Because compared to selling you star styles or hot styles, we hope to help you find The best style eyelash for you.


      There are many definitions of beauty in this society. All the big nets, beauty bloggers recommend a variety of products almost every day, it seems that they are flawless and suitable for everyone.

      Is that really the case? — Of course not. No one can replace you to choose goods to become more beautiful . No one can understand yourself better than you.

      You have to look for the style that really belongs to you so that you can match your overall style and make you more beautiful.

      So, what kind of style is the star model?
      – The eyelashes that suit your gas field are star models!

      No one can copy the beauty of others, and there is no need to copy the beauty of others. Blind obedience to the trend is meaningless, and you should be a unique self.

      I have a lot of colleagues from different countries, they have different colors of skin, different color hair, different size eyes, different characteristics of the face. We often get together to wear a variety of different eyelashes, and I am very aware of this truth from the process.

      The following is the wearing effect of my two colleagues:


      The first one is my colleague Chloe, from Russia, she is wearing 3D mink eyelashes 13-16mm, this eyelash is particularly natural on her face, but also makes her more beautiful.The second one is my colleague Grace, who is from Tanzania. She wears 3D mink eyelashes 25mm long eyelashes, which makes her look more charming.

      We can see that they are all perfect right? But when they change it, the effect is not good. It is like wearing the wrong clothes of others, and it is not a style with themselves.

      So you see, even if someone else wears Beautiful eyelashes, it may not be suitable for you, and your suitable eyelashes may not be suitable for others.
      You don’t have to worry about finding the Star eyelashes, and you don’t have to blindly copy the beauty of others, you have to choose the one that suits you. As long as it suits you, even if you walk on the road, it shines like a star on the red carpet.


      Hermeslashes, customize your own Eyelashes and make the most shining star.


      How To Pick And Wear Eyelashes For Yourself?

       How To Pick And Wear Eyelashes For Yourself?

      Women like things that can make themselves more beautiful and more refined. Just like eyelashes. But there are a lot of women who don’t know how to pick a suitable eyelashes and wear them. Today I will give you some tips:

      1.Pick the eyelashes

      You choose not just a beauty material, but a work of art that makes you perfect, it can cover up and decorate the shortcomings of your eyes.

      • If your eyes are very round and you want to achieve the effect of lengthening the eye shape, optimize the proportion of the eyes and face, then choose the long tail of the eye, like the Cat-eye eyelashes. This style of eyelashes fills the gap between the end of the eye and the temple. For example, my face is big, the following are my favorites. This kind of long tail looks more feminine.
      • If your eyes are slender and long,and you want to achieve the effect of magnifying the eyes, you can choose False eyelashes with short ends and long middle. This style makes the shape of the eyes look more rounded and more energetic.





      Different scenes should matched with different styles of makeup and Eyelashes styles. It’s like wearing a suit at a meeting and wearing a dress at a party.

      • Daily naturalmakeup. Like commute makeup, I recommend you choose a light and Natural styles lashes. The effect can naturally be lengthened and not thick, the look will not be very heavy, it is very suitable for daily light makeup.




      • At the party party, the makeup is suitable for delicateheavy makeup, it will be a good opportunity to show yourself. You can choose some long and Thick curled eyelashes, and then with a more complete eye makeup, you can enlarge the eyes. The bigger the eyes, the more charming.




      No matter a light makeup or a heavy makeup, Long eyelashes or Short eyelashes, it’s your choice,your thoughts, there are no fixed requirements. But they will bring you a better mood and a more beautiful self.

      2.Wear eyelashes

      First of all, I have collected a lot of problems when customers wear eyelashes. Maybe you have also encountered them. These problems are caused by incorrect wearing methods.

      So how should you wear them when you carefully select the suitable eyelashes?

      In fact, it is very simple, here are some steps:

      (Note: Wearing eyelashes is the step after painting the eyeshadow)


      • Preparation tools: Eyelash curler, Eyelash scissors, Eyelash tweezer, Eyelash glue, Eyelash brush.


      Lashes Tools


      • First put your own eyelashes out of the arc with the Eyelash curler. Be careful to apply multiple presses on the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes, rather than just one position, so that the eyelashes will bend naturally and last.
      • Make the Eyelashes band softer and more conformable to your eye shape, and you can bend the Lashes by hand along its curvature.


      • Compare the length of your eyes and trim the ends of the False eyelashes to make it more suitable for your eye length.
      • Apply glue to the Mink Eyelashes, you can blow 2-3 breaths, wait a little dry and then paste, so that the viscosity is stronger. You can apply more Lashes glue to the eye and tail. Note: The glue may just be extruded in white/black, and the glue will become transparent when it is dry.


      • When wearing False lashes, pay attention to the position. You can leave a little at the front of your eyes according to your preference. And you can refer to the position of the eyeball. First use the middle part of the false eyelashes to start touching the eyelids, not thefront of eyes or the ends of the eyes. Then stick the ends of the false eyelashes to the eyes.


      • After the glue is dry, hold the Lash curler together and clip the true eyelashes and false eyelashes together to adjust to the curling degree you want.


      • Finally, you can brush some Mascara less, but don’t brush it dirty!


      Follow the steps above and a firm and Clean false eyelash will stick to your eyes perfectly~

      Are you just wearing a false eyelashes?  

      —No, it is more beautiful, more confident, more perfect, and more refined.

      Comparison Of Eyelash Extension And False Mink Eyelashes

      Comparison Of Eyelash Extension And False Mink Eyelashes.


      There are many ways to make the eyelashes longer and curl more dense, like: eyelash extension, False eyelashes and so on. So what is the difference between these methods?


      Today, I will introduce you to the comparison of Grafted eyelashes and false Lashes:


      • Wearing

      • Price

      • Effect


      1. Wearing

      False eyelashes are easy to wear. I have seen a tutorial to save myself. Please refer to my blog: How to wear eyelashes. And the tool is also relatively simple, even a novice ten minutes is enough.

      Grafting eyelashes is difficult to accomplish by yourself. It is usually done by a professional eyelash artist in the Beauty salon. How is it glued? First, the beautician takes one or a small group eyelash with tweezers, then glues it to the bottom and sticks it to the root of our own Eyelashes. Its takes about 1 hour or 2. The effect of different beauticians is different. Some eyelashes made by unskilled beauticians can irritate the eyes and are very uncomfortable.


      1. Price

      The price of 3D Mink Eyelashes on the market is mixed, but the range is around 3-30 usd. In hermeslashes Wholesale Eyelashes, sometimes there are discounts. And our eyelashes can be used 25-30 times.

      The price of grafted eyelashes generally ranges from 100usd to 200usd, and the False Mink eyelashes are more expensive. Generally, the service life of grafted eyelashes is 15-25 days.


      1. Effect

      Grafting eyelashes have no lashes band, looks very close to your own Natural eyelashes and the effect is more natural. The length of the grafted eyelashes is generally 8-15mm, so the effect is natural and relatively simple. And grafting eyelashes should not wash your eyes with water when washing your face. Also avoid rubbing your eyes, otherwise it will fall off easily and your own eyelashes will fall off together!


      If you choose False Mink eyelashes, you can choose the length and style. When you need to participate in different occasions, you can change the eyelash style at any time. You can choose different 10mm-28mm eyelashes, and the effect is more 3D.

      3D Mink Eyelashes

      3D Mink Eyelashes


      Therefore, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, for comprehensive consideration, we recommend that you choose False Mink eyelashes, which will not hurt your own eyelashes, and the price is cheap, cost-effective, and the style can be controlled by yourself.


      Hermeslashes, make the best choice with you!


      Why Hermeslashes Only Do High-end Eyelash ?

      Why Hermeslashes Only Do High-end Eyelash ?

      Doing high-end eyelashes is the best choice for Hermeslashes.

      Ten years ago, Hermeslashes entered the minklashes market, one of the earliest factories to start Minklashes at the time. Compared with the Silk Lashes at the time, mink was a High-end Eyelash. Later, with the development of the Internet, more and more suppliers began to do mink eyelashes, the price competition is serious, the quality of the market is beginning to be uneven, and even the Lowest Price Eyelashes only sell 1usd. Of course, the quality is very very poor. Some suppliers steal our pictures and sell cheap junk lashes to customers for profit.

      At this time, hermeslashes made a choice again, insisting on High-end Lashes. The facts also prove that this is correct. In the past decade, many eyelash suppliers have closed down, and only hermeslashes have never changed.


      • The most difficult road is actually the easiest way.

      Why do we insist on high-end eyelashes? Is it not good to sell low quality and Low Price Eyelashes to get more profit?

      The founder of hermeslashes said this: The most difficult way is actually the easiest way. This is the hardest road when everyone is trying to lower the price for the immediate profit regardless of quality. Endless participation in low-cost competition and lowering quality, such a vicious circle will only gradually closed down. The easiest way is to do high-quality and high-end eyelash step by step, and continue to gain customer recognition, step by step, and more powerful.

      • Making a product is like being a human being. You must be good enough not to be copied, and even less likely to be replaced.

      From the very beginning, we have made Original Eyelashes. We have the most professional design team and live up to expectations. In the past few years, we have created a lot of hot sales lashes styles.  As a result, many suppliers have begun to imitate our eyelashes and sell them to customers at lower prices. There are indeed our customers who have purchased from them because of the cheap price, but what about the results? He lost a lot of money, because the imitation eyelashes were different and the quality was rough. He lost a lot of customers because of this batch of goods.
      Why can’t our products be copied? –Because from the beginning of the design, how many hairs are used for a pair of eyelashes, what kind of angle, what kind of length, what kind of curvature, what kind of band is used for repeated testing, and even the workers responsible for production It is strictly trained.

      It is not just a product, it is also a piece of art that our company has put a lot of effort into, infused with soul and thought, it is unique.

      So we are not afraid to copy, not afraid to be replaced, because they can’t do it.


      Whether you purchase from hermeslashes or not, we are willing to bring the spirit of hermeslashes to you: Stick to your heart and do the best. No one can replace you.

      What Does The High-priced Mink Eyelashes Means?

      What does the high-priced Mink Eyelashes means?

      “How much is your Mink Eyelash?” “10usd” “Too expensive”—A supplier

      “How much is your eyelash?” “8usd” “Too expensive”—B supplier

      “How much is your eyelash?” “5usd” “Too expensive”—C supplier


      Many customers use price as an important reference when purchasing Mink Eyelashes, but they are not sure what the price represents.

      Is it really just a bunch of numbers used to compare ?

      When we look at any problem, we must see the essence through the appearance. The price is not only the number or the value of the raw material that it sees. It also includes some invisible added value. It is unreasonable to compare the Lashes  Price with ignore the quality.


      • Original Design

      With the development of human civilization, originality has been paid more and more attention and respect.

      The original representative is not only a product, but also a belief, which is also the philosophy that hermeslashes has always adhered to.

      Hermeslashes’ styles of each eyelash are not produced casually. Our marketing department will go to many countries to do a lot of investigations, and then our design department will test it repeatedly before we can have a perfect eyelash style. And the products of good suppliers are constantly innovating and constantly innovating.

      These are all costs, also are the added value of eyelashes. And only the eyelashes with a sense of design can become a Hot Sales Lashes, bringing you attention and profit.


      • Stable delivery and quality

      “Jasmine, do you know why I didn’t work with the previous suppliers? I am a middleman of eyelashes, and I also have a lot of customers who need to wholesale from me. But they have delayed delivery time after receiving my payment, I lost some customers. When I received the goods, I found that the similarity of the same eyelashes was very low, and there was a wrong condition. This is not the first time. My customers can’t accept it. Then I lost some customers again. I am really angry and no longer believe them.”

      I especially understand her feelings. In the eyelash industry for more than a decade, we have seen many such suppliers.

      What is the root cause of this problem? — Factory strength.

      Some foreign trade companie don’t even have their own factories. There is no way to control the delivery date and the quality of the goods, especially the Handmade Mink Lashes.

      Hermeslashes has long considered this, and we have thousands of professionally trained labors who are responsible for making 3D Mink Eyelashes, and are highly skilled and efficient. We promise that the similarity of the same batch of eyelashes is above 98%, the similarity of eyelashes in different batches is above 95%, and the same batch of eyelashes is completed by the same batch of workers. The delivery time and quality are fully guaranteed.


      • Service

      Is the service just telling you the style and price of the eyelashes? –Of course not !

      Hermeslashes is intended to help more customers grow, and we provide pre-sales and after-sales servies.

      We will analyze and recommend the Best-selling Styles Eyelash based on your market and customer groups. Our design department can help you design your own lashes, logo and packaging. We will regularly introduce new products suitable for the market to help you develop the market and stabilize your customers. We can help you with any problems you encounter and give you the most reasonable advice. These are also costs.


      Good quality with low price are only relative, the top products must not be cheap. But eyelashes are not a luxury, even if the price is a little higher, it will not be too high to afford. And don’t underestimate the purchasing power of your customers, they will also prefer expensive but more exquisite eyelashes, not cheap junk. If only the price is the benchmark, then all luxury stores should have been closed.

      So if the price is high, not only the material is the best, but also the latest styles, the best quality, first-hand market information, stable delivery, stable supply. Save your time and help you attract more customers, which is very cost-effective

      Hermeslashes, dedicated to high-end mink eyelashes for eleven years. Strength to build a brand.