Why Hermeslashes Only Do High-end Eyelash ?

Why Hermeslashes Only Do High-end Eyelash ?

Doing high-end eyelashes is the best choice for Hermeslashes.

Ten years ago, Hermeslashes entered the minklashes market, one of the earliest factories to start Minklashes at the time. Compared with the Silk Lashes at the time, mink was a High-end Eyelash. Later, with the development of the Internet, more and more suppliers began to do mink eyelashes, the price competition is serious, the quality of the market is beginning to be uneven, and even the Lowest Price Eyelashes only sell 1usd. Of course, the quality is very very poor. Some suppliers steal our pictures and sell cheap junk lashes to customers for profit.

At this time, hermeslashes made a choice again, insisting on High-end Lashes. The facts also prove that this is correct. In the past decade, many eyelash suppliers have closed down, and only hermeslashes have never changed.


  • The most difficult road is actually the easiest way.

Why do we insist on high-end eyelashes? Is it not good to sell low quality and Low Price Eyelashes to get more profit?

The founder of hermeslashes said this: The most difficult way is actually the easiest way. This is the hardest road when everyone is trying to lower the price for the immediate profit regardless of quality. Endless participation in low-cost competition and lowering quality, such a vicious circle will only gradually closed down. The easiest way is to do high-quality and high-end eyelash step by step, and continue to gain customer recognition, step by step, and more powerful.

  • Making a product is like being a human being. You must be good enough not to be copied, and even less likely to be replaced.

From the very beginning, we have made Original Eyelashes. We have the most professional design team and live up to expectations. In the past few years, we have created a lot of hot sales lashes styles.  As a result, many suppliers have begun to imitate our eyelashes and sell them to customers at lower prices. There are indeed our customers who have purchased from them because of the cheap price, but what about the results? He lost a lot of money, because the imitation eyelashes were different and the quality was rough. He lost a lot of customers because of this batch of goods.
Why can’t our products be copied? –Because from the beginning of the design, how many hairs are used for a pair of eyelashes, what kind of angle, what kind of length, what kind of curvature, what kind of band is used for repeated testing, and even the workers responsible for production It is strictly trained.

It is not just a product, it is also a piece of art that our company has put a lot of effort into, infused with soul and thought, it is unique.

So we are not afraid to copy, not afraid to be replaced, because they can’t do it.


Whether you purchase from hermeslashes or not, we are willing to bring the spirit of hermeslashes to you: Stick to your heart and do the best. No one can replace you.

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