How to Prepare Your Lash Business under the Coronavirus Covis-19?

Sincerely letter to my lovely customers friends | Lashes Business Coronavirus

We have noticed the current news, European and American countries are also greatly affected by Covis-19. | Lashes Business Coronavirus

Dear customers, I don’t know the situation of your area now, but I’m praying you and your family are safe and everything is fine. You and your family must be well protected, wash hands frequently, disinfect, wear a medical mask when you go out ( I see a lot of news that people in Europe and the United States are not used to wearing medical masks, it may be different cultural differences, but this Can really block some viruses) and reduce the number of places where people are dense. The situation in China is getting better and better, I believe other countrys will get better soon.❤

This corona virus has the city shut down, All schools closing, businesses closing etc. It’s so crazy. But even so, we also need to be optimistic. You and your family and children have more family time, Enjoy this time with your family.

We know the change in society will impact every business you know and love, include beautiful mink lashes business. Many customers are now confused how to prepare their own faux eyelash business under the current corona virus circumstances?

If you don’t have an mink lashes order now, don’t be discouraged. his is what all false eyelash vendors are experiencing. But during this time period, it is most important to search patiently and search for real and reliable mink eyelashes suppliers. Because a good eyelashes supplier the cornerstone of your mink lashes business’s stability and healthy development.

If you still have an 3D mink eyelashes order arrangement, you can rest assured to us. We will trying our best to get every order shipped out ASAP.

Thank you all for understanding& all the support. We will get throuth this.


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If the provided resource were not enough to help you resolve your issue, our experts are available to assist you.


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