Custom Empty Paper Card Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

Custom private label paper card eyelash packaging boxes for start own lash business line

Hermes Lashes is the best mink lashes & lash packaging boxes manufacture in China. We are the top 5 Brands in USA Market . and Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is the TOP 2 Brands in China and USA.

Lash Packaging plays the important role in the display lashes beauty. We know how import to organize your mink eyelashes collection. There are designed many different and colorful eyelashes packaing for 1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 pairs, 5 pairs and 6 pairs lashes kit to store more pairs of 3D mink eyelashes.

Quality is very important to the customers experience as well as suppliers development. All of Hermes Lashes emplovees attachimportant attention to the quality control process. We have been making efforts to establish the quality system. 

We offers Wholesale Strip Mink Lashes and Custom Lash Package to wholesalers and distributors. We quote you the best quality 3D Mink False Eyelashes products with nice price. More than 200 styles to select from the False Lashes collection.

Custom Private Label Empty Paper Card Eyelash Packaging Boxes, Wholesale Cardboard Box

Hereby Hermes Lashes Show Custom Ppaer Card Eyelashes Packaging Wholesale for you.

So if you want to make eyelash custom packaging order,  you can choose Hermes Lashes to be your custom packaging box vendor , we supply free design and top quality box with competitive wholesale price.

If you want to make professional eyelash box with low budget , you may cooperate with us.

More skills and information please add WhatsApp +008617669625211 , we will give you a good wholesale price.

Wish you have a professional lashes vendor and a professional mink eyelashes packaging.

Custom Money Eyelash Box, Pink Cash Eyelash Packaging, Money Cardboard Empty Paper Box

The most complete Customize Diamond Eyelash Packaging in 2020

Why does Hermes Lashes refuse to wholesale cheap eyelash products (low quality eyelashes)?

Although the quality of the sample mink eyelashes you purchased earlier is very good. However, if you are blindly pursuing low prices, it is very likely that the quality of the sample 3D mink eyelashes purchased for the first time and the cheap eyelash purchased in bulk will be different.

Disadvantages of Selling Cheap Eyelash

And the style of the sample false eyelashes you buy may be very different from the mink eyelashes wholesale in bulk.

You try to find cheap false eyelashes, and feel that you have made a profit. But in fact, you really lost. The cheap eyelashes worn by consumers are very hard and uncomfortable. They will throw off their bad false eyelashes directly and will not buy them again.

The inferior mink eyelashes you buy are asymmetric. Because the price is low, the mink eyelashes wholesale vendors will not pick out the defective eyelash products and sell them together with the authentic official mink eyelashes products.

The poor quality mink eyelashes you bought look fake without the tip of the mink hair.

Because the mink lashes wholesale supplier uses low-cost lash glue, the mink hair on the false eyelashes will fall off.

The low quality eyelashes you buy smell like chemicals. It smells like perm and is carcinogenic.

The bad 3D mink eyelashes you buy are made by manual and semi-automatic machines. They can do more than 100 pairs a day. Our workers can only make 10 pairs by hand every day. Do you know the difference between making 10 pairs and 100 pairs every day?

You get what you pay for. Don’t buy cheap eyelashes for the sake of being cheap, thus losing your good mink eyelash brand reputation.

Hermes Lashes always do High Quality Mink Eyelashes in high end lashes market.

If you want to know more about good mink eyelash information , please contact us. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email: My goal is to through our efforts to help our customers Lashes brand become better and better, let my customers more and more rich.

Why can’t sell mink eyelashes based on your target price?

How to choose a reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Custom Money Eyelash Box

Custom Money Eyelash Box, Pink Cash Eyelash Packaging, Money Cardboard Empty Paper Box Hermes Lashes

Are you still looking for a beautiful custom eyelash packaging box?

The first appearance of the eyelash packaging box is to protect our false eyelashes from damage during transportation. Hermes Lashes provides high-quality eyelash box packaging, which is ideal for full protection. With our eyelash box, you don’t have to worry about broken or scratched eyelashes.

With the increasing demand for 3d false eyelashes in the market and market getting bigger and bigger, so the exquisite customized eyelash packaging boxes have become more and more popular in the market. Consumers’ demand for lash packaging is no longer just for the protection of mink eyelashes. A variety of personalized custom eyelash cases can also promote faux eyelash sales.

Hermes Lashes customize a variety of styles, sizes, colors, finishes, etc. according to the needs of customers. The Eyelash Packaging is one of the most popular boxes. Simply send a request or email to our professional team to get the best Custom Eyelash Packaging USA solution.

As a professional lash box vendorsHermes Lashes have almost 200 styles Luxury Eyelash Packaging Boxes With Perfect Quality!

Custom Money Eyelashes Box Wholesale

Recently, Hermes LASHES launched a variety of money eyelashes box designs, pink cash lash case, Money Cardboard Empty Paper Box, etc .

New styles, reasonable pricing, prompt delivery! Warmly welcome all Mink Lashes business partners to come to the Hermes Lashes to discuss business and win-win cooperation! (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email:

How to choose wholesale eyelash packaging?

What kind of false eyelash packaging box can promote eyelashes sales?

Colored Faux Mink Lashes

Custom new colorful lashes, beautiful natural false eyelashes, handmade natural cruelty free lashes , reusable up to 25-30 times faux mink eyelashes from Hermes Lashes Mink Lash wholesale vendor. Enjoy the factory’s lowest price wholesale high-quality Colored Faux Mink Lashes.  (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email:

Hi everyone, the World’s FIRST EVER Colorful faux Lashes for beautiful girls! Available In Many Gorgeous Colors! Get Over 30 Uses With NO harm!

Now we must admit: We kind of saw this one coming. If you wear false eyelashes regularly, you must be pursuing bold beauty. If 5D 6D 25mm large eyelashes can not meet your personality. Then you must be interested in the color lashes introduced next.

Hermes Lashes Colored Faux Mink Lashes

The bold and stylish Hermes Lashes eyelash supplier takes false lashes lovers’ love for false eyelash to a new colored eyelashes. Here you will find any color of faux eyelashes you want to see-pink, red, purple, green, etc. Hermes Lashes provides customized services, where you can customize your favorite eyelash color.

Natural warp design. Color false eyelashes curl naturally when worn and blend naturally with real eyelashes. Soft and comfortable, not dazzling. Hermes Eyelashes are soft and silky, light and not easy to fatigue. With a sense of layering, delicate and soft, unique gradient colors, giving you a different colorful experience.

Want to meet a different self, want to be different. Hermes Lashes’ colored eyelashes just want you to become charming.

Our 3D False Eyelashes are not only comfortable to wear, but also the consistent pursuit of quality by the Hermes Lashes brand. In order to better help customers develop business, achieve long-term cooperation and sustainable development, Hermes Lashes is always guided by market demand, closely grasping market development and demand dynamics. Insisting on grasping quality as the basis of survival, and zero tolerance for quality defects.

New styles, reasonable pricing, prompt delivery! Warmly welcome all Mink Lashes business partners to come to the Hermes Lashes to discuss business and win-win cooperation! (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email:

Are mink lashes good?

How to custom eyelashes packaging?

HERMES LASHES Mink Eyelashes Characteristics

Personality: This Luxury Mink Eyelash is specially designed for you.

HERMES LASHES Mink Eyelashes

You plan carefully and want long-lasting Mink Eyelashes. Hermes Lashes 3D Real Mink Eyelashes can be used more than 25-30 times without distortion.

Hermes Lashes has always provided High-quality Mink Eyelashes for the high-end market. The low-end Eyelash business will not last long and will not grow up, this is a principle well known to every employee at Hermes Lashes.

You pay attention to feeling and wear comfortable 3D Mink Lashes . Hermes Lashes’ 3D false eyelashes are only 0.02g, which is lighter than a snowflake and feathers.

Hermes Lashes also pays attention to your wearing comfort. Always choose high-quality, high-end, healthy, latex-free eyelash glue and soft lassh cotton band. Never choose inferior raw materials of lashes in pursuit of low prices. You can wear our 3D Eyelashes with super confidence.

Continuously confider customer needs | Luxury Mink Eyelash

You are sensitive and meticulous. You want clean and safe Natural Official Mink Eyelashes. Hermes Lashes’ mink hair is strict sealed to prevent contamination.

Hermes Lashes has a strict sterilization department, quality supervision department, and packaging department. 

Before the production, the raw material of Mink Eyelashes Hair will be sterilized more than 3 times by high temperature. During the production process, workers will be carried out in a sterile environment. After the production of Luxury Mink Eyelash is completed, there are strict quality inspection departments and packaging departments. 

Any mink lashes products with defective quality will never be allowed to send customers. The False Eyelashes received by the our customer must be perfect.

Mink Lashes Factory

Luxury Mink Eyelash

You have a variety of personalities. and need a variety of 3D Luxury Mink Eyelashes to match. Hermes Lashes is designed and released 4 times a month with new mink eyelashes.

Hermes Lashes has an excellent team of eyelash and packaging designers. The Eyelash design team leaded by Miss Jessie Sun is independent, Brave and unrestrained individual character.

She is not only pay attention to client demand and design ceaselessly the Mink Eyelash that satisfies client, but also follow closely fashionable trend. She acumen grasps the change of people aesthetic, bold innovation, Give consumer Fresh Eyelash design and lead vogue. 

Hermes Lashes will continue the spirit of sincere, quality first corporate purposes, and continuously meet customer needs.

If you want to know more about mink eyelash care and wholesale mink eyelashes, please contact us. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email: My goal is to through our efforts to help our customers Lashes brand become better and better, let my customers more and more rich.

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How to make money through False Eyelash Sideline?

Why can’t sell mink eyelashes based on your target price?

After customers recently ordered our 3D Mink Eyelash products, compared with other vendor’s mink eyelashes, they still particularly like our lashes styles. |Mink Eyelashes Price

When he was ready to place a bulk order, he gave a target price and asked us to make a price of the same Quality Mink Lashes as the sample at a very low price. If you want to be exactly the same quality as the sample eyelashes, this is actually not possible. The reason is as follows:

Why can’t sell mink eyelashes based on your target price?

Dear customer, do you know? Our 3D mink eyelashes are pure handmade. In order to make your favorite Mink Eye Lash products, in order to make comfortable Soft Mink Lash products, we have carefully calculated the cost from quality raw materials, fashionable designers, skilled training workers, quality control, and the experienced sales personnel , etc. The price quoted to you after the calculation is already the lowest, the most competitive price.

Usually your target price is based on your own budget, not on product quality. The price is not calculated from a professional perspective. Of course we can understand that after all, you have not experienced the entire process of hand-made Mink Lashes production.

But the only thing we can guarantee is at the same quality eyelash products, Our 3D official mink eyelash price is the lowest. At the same price of mink lashes, our mink eyelashes quality is the highest.

We are your partner. Now is the Internet age, the lash price is very transparent. Our goal is to allow all consumers to experience the most beautiful and luxurious 3D REAL MINK LASHES. Let all middlemen who work with us make money.

The price of our mink false eyelashes products is a little higher than your target price, but the price contains a lot of values that you can’t see, the luxury lashes style, the mink eyelashes quality and service, etc. We do not want to provide some low quality lashes products in order to get your order. Because your target price is impossible to get the same quality as the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes sample.

How to do high-end false eyelashes business with limited budget?

Dear customer, if your budget is limited, but still like our mink lashes and want to sell our quality eyelashes wholesale, then I suggest that you reduce the quantity according to your budget at the begining. Wait for your capital to turn around, then slowly increase the amount. Please remember don’t buy similar 3D mink lashes products of poor quality.

I can give you one example, hope you understand. In the furniture industry, the same furniture will have a variety of practices. The outer packaging of the furniture is the same, but there are solid wood and semi-solid wood inside. You can change the materials inside according to your target price, and then make the appearance of the furniture the same. However, the air generated in the process of use, the formaldehyde produced by solid wood furniture and semi-solid wood furniture is completely different. It has a great impact on your health. At the same time, the service life of solid wood furniture and semi-solid wood furniture is also very different.

So I hope you understand that why we can’t wholesale Real 3D Mink Eyelash products at your target price. However if your target lashes price is set too high, this will certainly not work. Because it will lose market competitiveness. If your target Mink Lashes Price is too low, this will also not work, because the quality of its Luxurious mink eyelashes products will decline.

So rest assured, choosing us means choosing a profession!

If you want to know more about mink eyelash care and wholesale mink eyelashes, please contact us. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email: My goal is to through our efforts to help our customers Lashes brand become better and better, let my customers more and more rich.

Why isn’t your Mink Eyelash Business making money?

How to distinguish high quality mink lashes?

How to take good care of mink eyelashes to reuse up to 30 times?

The 3D Mink Strip Eyelashes produced by Hermes Lashes are high-end luxury products. Each mink hair is carefully selected and processed with high technology. In order to make each pair of 3d mink eyelashes realistic and natural, each mink hair has a hair tip. | How to take good care of mink eyelashes?

Due to the limited length of mink hair, it cannot be as long as it is intended for chemical fiber eyelashes. Hermes Lashes Vendor developed a hand-crafted technique to tie the hair of mink hair to the eyeliner.

Use Best Lashes Glue to Take Care Mink Lashes

The length of the mink hair determines that the mink eye lashes have to use another process to stick the hair to the eyeliner, and the animal hair surface is oily and the glue is difficult to penetrate. The lashes glue used by Hermes Lashes factory was personally developed by the postdoctoral Xiaolong Sun and obtained a patent. Our eyelashes glue is healthy, odor-free, soft and durable.

But even so, because the mink hair is sticky, you can’t forcefully pull the hair, let alone rub the hair root. When choosing the mink eyelashes produced by Hermes Lashes, you must use a quality glue to stick the eyelashes. The best eyelash glue is DUO brand. You can also choose these glues that we have chosen.

Remove and Store Mink Eyelashes Correctly

When taking the high quality mink lashes down from the eyelashes tray, we have let the workers reserve a section of eyeliner. You need to use Lash Tweezers to hold this extra eyeliner, gently remove it, and cut off the excess. When cutting, try to choose a place where there is a gap, and do n’t choose a place where there are many hairs. If the hair is cut in places where there is a lot of hair, some hair will also fall off. But this is normal. Don’t worry too much. The remaining hair is still firm and will not affect the wearing effect.

When the Mink Eyelashes are taken off, use a good Lash glue remover to gently wipe off the glue remaining on the roots of the mink eyelashes. It can’t be dragged with force!

When the Luxury Mink Lashes are removed, be sure to put them on the original holder, keep the eyeliner soft and curved, and don’t throw it casually.

Dear customers, the more expensive things are, the more they need to be maintained and cherished before they can be used for a long time. If you don’t love him, it won’t love you.

Just like silk clothes and Rolls-Royce cars, you have to use them carefully to make them easier to use. More and more can reflect value.

If you want to know more about mink eyelash care and wholesale mink eyelashes, please contact us. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email: My goal is to through our efforts to help our customers Lashes brand become better and better, let my customers more and more rich.

Hermes Lashes Vendors Best Eyelash Glue

How To Clean Mink Eyelashes

How to choose a reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Choosing a reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale is really important to your business.

Mink Lashes Factory are like the heart of the human body and the root of the tree. Will your business grow in the future?Suppliers are playing a fundamental role.How to choose a reliable Mink Lashes Factory ?Here are some Suggestions that I hope it can help you ……

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Has Rich Experience

Experience is wealth. A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale has been established for at least over 5years. Like human, We will grow up every 3-5years. The enterprise is also like this.

Everything close to perfect is constantly failure, constantly summing up experience, and constantly improving. And then more and more close to perfect.

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale with Rich producing experience can make perfect products. A perfect 3d Mink Lashes 5d Mink Lashes can not be made without experienced designers and workers. Inexperienced designers are absolutely unable to make a fashion design .The same with workers.

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale with Rich marketing experience can help  customers quickly get the pulse of the Mink Lashes market. and innovate fashionable Mink Lashes in the soonest time based on it , seize business opportunities.

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale with Rich marketing experience can know in advance the difficulties and questions that customers encoutered during business, They can help them solve problems in the soon time! Thus is not exceeded that the factories established only one or two years. So take a look at your experience when choosing an eyelash supplier.

A Good Eyelashes Venodrs Has Very High Quality Awareness

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory must have Very High Quality Awareness. This should be their faith never waver.

Producing inferior Mink Lahses is very easy, Just do not learn, do not work hard, do not use the brain, you can produce a lot. 

However if you want to make perfect Mink lashes ,That needs to constantly improve our aesthetic ability, be careful and patient,Then each Mink lash hair can be placed in the best position one by one. The tiny and thin eyelashes band can keep clean and soft ,Never overflow with glue,Without it , They can give up easily after all few people are very strict to themselves.

Many mink lash strip vendor only pursue short-term profits, have no quality awareness, do not respect the manual workers, or after placing an order to adulterate defective mink lashes to customers.Lack of long-term development awareness, resulting in many customers lost credibility. 

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Has Cohensive Team

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory must have team cohesion, positive, full of love!

Love is the wisest, the most powerful, the most beautiful. This is the foundation of beauty.

Most people think that a perfect mink eyelashes only need good workers, Why it will need team cohesion, positive?

Actually, it does. Good Mink 3d Lashes are the result of mutual cooperation between teams, Inluding customers. Customers are also part of our team. We treat our customers like children and treasure our mink lashes like birds treasure feathers. 

Only The marketing team reflect the hunger of the market from customers Giving feedback on customers’ confusion and demands to the enterprise then The design team can stand in the forefront of fashion to design good products to promote the sales of the marketing team,

Only when workers improve their aesthetics and integrate with the team, can they truly understand the meaning of the lash design and come up with good mink eyelash products. 

Many lash vendors self-employed, only a few people in the production.

In order to save costs, They have no unified training, not to understand the aesthetic, they do like agricultural products do cosmetics ,That is impossible to come out of good products.Not to mention quality assurance!

That’s why our products can’t be copied!

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory Has The Same goal With Customers

A Reliable Mink Lashes Factory who Has The Same goal With Customers can think more for their customers and save communication time.

Our common goal is to enlarge the market.Some people treat suppliers as competitors who share their profits with them, That is wrong.

Customers and suppliers promote each other, is a team, is a collaborator, not a competitor.The Internet economy is a sharing economy.Establish a philosophy of growing with your suppliers.To lay the foundation. The same goal with customers can

Good products are made by heart, not by words.Cooperating with us Is the beginning of your success!

If the provided resource were not enough to help you resolve your issue, our experts are available to assist you.

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How to Promote Mink Eyelash business to make money?

Why isn’t your Mink Eyelash Business making money

For a successful Mink Eyelashes business, choosing high-quality 3D Mink Lashes to sell is essential. But even if many customers later bought top-quality Mink Eye Lashes and sold them out, they still couldn’t make money. This is incredible. I analyzed the customer’s Promote Mink Eyelash plan and summarized several reasons.

1.Mink Eyelash sales unit price is too low

The following is the customer’s original Promote Mink Eyelash plan:

The sale price of a pair of siberian mink eyelash strips is only $8, which is undesirable. Taking 3D natural mink lashes as an example, customers buy good 3d mink strip eyelashes for $ 6 per pair with a free sample box. The average purchase price is $7 per pair plus shipping cost. Customers sell a pair of eyelashes mink 3d for $ 8, so even with the simplest packaging, the profit is only $ 1 per pair. How can you grow and make money in such a business? It is always a simple and small business.

2.Eyelashes Package Box cost is too high

Many customers pursue Unique Lash Packaging. This is also possible. After all, Luxury Lash Packaging can attract consumers’ attention. But this premise is that your cost budget is high. In order to pursue Unique Eyelash Packaging Box, some people excessively compress the purchasing cost of Mink Eyelashes, resulting in poor quality of purchased Eyelashes. It’s hard to sell. If your mink lashes cannot be sold, so how can you make money?

I am very sad that if my clients can’t make money. Then they will slowly terminate their Faux Lashes business.

So I decided that I would like to create a most suitable promotion and packaging list for my client.

How to make money in the eyelash field with the least cost?

Cruelty Free 3D Mink Eyelash pricing

1.Premium Mink Eyelashes plus free packaging

If you order 3D natural mink eyelashes with free lashes packaigng, you can sell them one set for $14, two set $25, and three set $35. If customers buy three for a while, we can give him one small gift. An eyelash brush or a beautiful lash box. In this way, customers will be happy to buy your mink eyelashes and willing to reorder.

2.High Quality Eyelashes Mink plus sample packaging

$6 for 3D mink eyelashes and $1 for sample lash box purchase If you order 3D natural looking mink lashes with sample luxury lash packaging, then you can sell them one set for $ 16, two set $28, and three set $ 37. Similarly, If customers buy three for a while, we can give him one small gift.

mink eyelashes wholesale

Click here to view the exquisite sample box

We can sell quickly and make money. Our lashes business will be better and better and will continue.

If you want to know more about mink eyelash price and eyelash price promotion, please contact us. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email: My goal is to through our efforts to help our customers Lashes brand become better and better, let my customers more and more rich.

Mink Lashes Strips VS Eyelashes Extension

As one of the beauty products, why is Mink Lashes Strips more popular than grafted eyelashes? Also what are the benefits of Mink Eyelashes Strips you don’t know?

The benefits of wearing mink lashes strips

1.Various 3D mink lashes styles, bring you new surprises every day

There are thousands of 3D mink strip eyelash styles. Also each mink eyelashes has its unique beauty. So people can change different lashes styles at will every day. Choose to match your makeup of the day and bring new surprises.

The style of eyelashes extension is usually fixed. Make a customized eyelash extension for at least 15 days. False eyelashes, as a standard fashion product, how can you tolerate only one style for more than two weeks?

2. Mink Eyelash Strips can be reused

Most Quality Strip Lashes can be reused 20-30 times under careful use. It can help you save a lot of money. This is very different from Eyelash Extension. The grafted eyelashes will begin to shed after about 15 days, so you must graft again, which is expensive and not reusable.

3. Mink Eyelash Strips will not hurt people’s own Eyelashes

When wearing Mink Lash Strips, just wear it on the eyelids to cover the own eyelashes. It will not damage the original natural eyelashes, and at the same time protect our natural eyelashes. Lashes Extension means that each eyelash hair is attached to your own eyelashes, which can easily damage your eyelashes. This is better than Eyelash Extension.

4. False Eyelashes Strips are more symmetrical and beautiful

Quality False Eyelashes Strip are all handmade. It can better ensure that the appearance remains the same, so that ensure the eyes are symmetrical after wearing. As we all know, Grafted Eyelashes will fall off as your own eyelashes fall off, resulting in asymmetry in the left and right eyes. So It doesn’t look pretty.


These benefits are only a small part of the benefits of wearing False Eyelashes Strips. If you want to know more benefits of wearing 3D Mink Lashes Strips, you can experience it for yourself.

Hermes Lashes can provide you with many high quality handmade Mink Eyelashes. whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email:

What’s the Top Quality 3D Best Mink Lashes?

How to distinguish high quality mink lashes?