1:How To Make Your Mink Lashes Business Bigger and Bigger?

The Mink Lashes Wholesale Pioneer Teach you Step by Step.

Now there are a lot of people are beginning to Mink Lashes USA business, but do not know how to do ?

Don’t worry. We’ve passed your way, and the difficulties you meet at present, we all experienced. We will share our experiences, how do business of mink eyelash to teach you step by step.

A reliable Mink Lashes wholesale or pioneer not only provide super quality Mink Lashes guarantee to help you occupy the market, But also provide a better service to teach you how to deal with all kinds of difficulties in the process of doing lashes business.

How to do Mink Lashes USA business, Start from know what is mink lashes. Follow me….The more you know about 3D Mink Lashes, The easier you do business of how to do it ?

1: What ‘s mink lashes?

Mink Lashes is used the mink hair as raw material. The experienced workers put the mink hair one by one on the drawing made by designer. And make the curl by innovated technology and produce a natural, inspired Natural Mink Eyelashes.

2: Where do mink lashes come from?

The raw material of our 3D Eyelashes is 100% mink hair, which is naturally lost from the tail of Australian 1-2 year old mink. 

3: Can mink lashes be cruelty free?

It is cruelty free.

Our mink hair is gently combed by the workers with a comb every day to collect the hair that falls off naturally, and then the workers select the hair with the peak of hair, and then sterilize it with high temperature without killing.

4: Are mink lashes vegan?

The raw material of Mink Lashes are got from mink metabolism after the natural loss of hair, is 100% vegan.

5: How mink lashes are made?

Mink Eyelash is made purely by hand.

The worker communicates with the designer before doing, get the designer’s thought accurately.

According to the drawing that the designer comes out, use Lashes Tweezers to clip the hair one root one root to put up.

Each pair of Mink Eyelashes contains the designer’s thought, the wisdom of the worker.It is the art of the soul, a team of heart to create beauty…

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