How to teach your clients to choose the right Mink Eyelashes Styles?

Find really suitable Mink Eyelashes Styles for Selling

Do you want know how to teach your clients to choose the nice 3D Mink Eyelashes Styles that really suitable for them? Here are some Valuable Suggestions from Mink Lashes Wholesale Pioneer

Choose the most suitable false eyelashes from the following perspectives: personal temperament, eye shape and wearing scene.

From personal temperament:

Intellectual elegance women chooses our A series natural MINK EYELASHES which  economical, fashion, unique style. confidence in the stable, and humble in character.

Gracefully Ladies who understated elegance with a strong feeling of individuality, choose our 3D Natural Mink Lashes which short but curling and fluffy.

Avant-garde fashion girls chooses our Big 25MM Mink Eyelashes, Long and curling mink hair full of passion and personality 

Good and cool girls who personality publicity, distinguished, seeking means of differentiating itself, choose our Double Layer Mink Lashes would be the best choice for them,  express their inner vent and individuation.

From Eye Shape:

Deep eye socket choose length 16MM-25MM 3D Mink Eyelashes

Shallow eye socket choose length 13MM –25MM 3D Mink Eyelashes

Maybe the following pictures make it easier for you to find out how to choose the most suitable and most Beautiful Eyelashes according to your eye shape.

Mink Eyelashes Styles

Monolid Eyes, Deep-Set-Eyes, Downturned Eyes, This type of eye shape is suitable for selecting a style that is longer and longer from the inside out, and lengthens the end of the eye to form a cat’s eye.

Almond Eyes, Round Eyes, Close Set Eyes , Suitable for 3D Lashes styles, semi-circular eyelashes magnify the eyes.

From wearing scene:

Star Red Carpet: 20-25MM Big Eyelashes, Good Stage!

Festive party: 16-20mm big eyelashes, focus on the audience!

Daily work: 13-16MM Official Mink Lashes, smart and natural!

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3. Do you really know Mink Eyelashes?

3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale

11: Is it safe to use 3D Mink Eyelash and False Eyelashes?

False lashes are safe. They are much safer than Eyelashes Extension, which are made by attaching each False Lashes to your own eyelash. It is easy to damage your own eyelashes and make them grow and stand out. Implant Eyelashes fall off with the loss of your eyelashes, leading to asymmetry between your left and right eyes.

Our 3D Mink Eyelashes are glued to the eyelids to protect them.

Our raw materials are safe and not easy to be allergic after high-temperature disinfection. 

Our Mink Eyelashes from animal hair, purely handmade, contains the animal’s clever nature, contains the designer’s thought, the wisdom of workers. It’s safe to use!

12: Can false eyelashes hurt true eyelashes?

False Eyelashes are worn on the eyelids, above your own eyelashes, and won’t hurt your eyelashes. 

13: How long time can I wearing with false eyelashes?

Our glue is natural, pollution-free, odorless, strong, and will not shed tears and lose viscosity. You can stick to our 3D Mink Eyelashes for 24 hours without taking them off, but we suggest you take off your False Eyelashes before you go to bed. Our own eyelashes and skin are oily, which will gradually reduce the adhesion. Give your eyes a break! 

14: Do you have any other color eyelashes?

Eyelashes can be of other colors, such as brown eyelashes, blue eyelashes and black eyelashes, all of which can be made.

However, these Colorful False Eyelashes are not the daily style and the sales volume is not very big. If you have any special needs, please let us know.

15: If the eyelashes are messed up, how to comb it?

If your Mink Eyelashes are messed up, you can wash it with water, then brush it carefully with a Eyelash Brush (check here to get eyelash brush). After drying with a hair dryer, your Luxury False Eyelashes can return to their original nature.

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