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Happy Mid-Autumn Day

Today is 15th Aug of the lunar calendar in China , That is the Mid-Autumn Day in China. Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale wish to our customers happy Mid-Autumn Day.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also defined as a “reunion festival”. On the day night, All Chinese families come home to eat together in the yard and enjoy the full moon outside.

Hermes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale will have a three-day holiday, All workers will stop working during this time.

Mid-Autumn Day is a culture, Just like Hermes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale, We are not only one person to do things, We have a great team , Super Workers, Designer Team, Quality-Control Team, Packing Team, Human Resource Department, Marketing Department, Market Research Department.

We are a united team which make us so powerful.

We believe only Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale with united team can make perfect products!

We are pround that we have lots of customers from worldwide who have the same idea with us .

Hermes Eyelashes Wish every one reunion with beauty, Reunion with love!

The moon is climbing up above the sea, the horizon altogether this time! My Dear Customers, Are you feeling it?

Here is some speical Mink eyelashes specially for you ……

Choose Hermeslashes and choose The best eyelash supplier !

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