2020 Latest Packaging – A box of two pairs packed eyelash kit

2020 Latest Packaging – A box of two pairs packed eyelash kit

Fashion women who are always pursuing freshness, have seen a pair of ordinary Eyelashes Packaging, are very interested in Eyelash Kit Packaging. According to the Hermeslashes survey, there are more and more ladies who like Eyelashes Set Packaging, which is undoubtedly the trend of New Eyelash Packaging in 2020.

An important factor in becoming a pioneer in Eyelashes Vendors is knowing how to capture fashion and lead fashion.

Hermeslashes designed and launched two series of Eyelash Kit Packaging for market women’s preferences who fall in love with Office Mink Lashes.

Series 1: Octagon Eyelash Case

The stylish shape of these three boxes is very popular with girls:  sexy leopard design Eyelashes Box, personalized graffiti art Lashes Packaging and popular Marble Lashes Box patterns. Once these three boxes were issued, we received thousands orders from INS, Facebook and Google recently for “Black Friday” , Christmas festival.

This Eyelash Set Packaging can hold 2 pairs High Quality 3D Mink Lashes at the same time. We have a variety of Different styles Mink Eyelashes for your choice from, creat your own style. This allows packaging two different styles of Mink eyelashes at the same time, which is also convenient for storage and save packaging cost for customers. And It also increases sales for 3D Eyelash Retailers.

Series 2: Eyelash / Glue / Tweezers Packaging Set

This series of Eyelash Kit achieves a unified purchase of Mink eyelash and Lash tools, Customers don’t have to spend time and energy to pick Lash Glue and Lash Tweezers. Help customers save time.

The most important advantage is that this eyelash packaging is cheap but high quality. At the same time we can customize your logo on it to show you the personality. If you are interested, contact me freely. ( Whatsapp: + 86 176 6962 5211 , Email: kelsey@qdcannes.com )

What are you waiting for? Better to take action rather than just take fancy, honey.

Strive to be a pioneer in the Eyelash Industry, not a follower.

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