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Top Quality 3D Best Mink Lashes

High-end Best Mink Lashes are False Eyelashes made for high-pursuit consumers. Hermeslashes Mink Lashes Factory believes that high-pursuit consumers have strict requirements for themselves, strict requirements for careers, and strict requirements for life. So the highest quality Mink Eyelash came into being.

Best Eyelash Raw Material

Best Mink eyelashes require strict procedures, and good 3D Mink Eyelashes should be made with the best materials first.

In order to ensure the naturalness of the 3D Mink Eyelash, we study that each hair of the human own eyelashes is thin. Only the tail mink hair within two years old meets the requirements. We found that the human lashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. Among the younger mink’s naturally shed hair, pick the mink hair with straight hair peaks one by one as the raw material.

However, the selected mink hair is not suitable for direct Pure Mink Eyelashes. We have developed a unique process formula for the characteristics of mink hair to cut, disinfect, dye, remove scales and other processes for these selected high-quality mink hairs, in preparation for the subsequent 3d Lashes shaping.

Top Mink Lashes Designer

Good Mink Lashes designers must have high-end ideas, keep up with fashion, makeup trends. According to different periods, different people ’s ideas, different requirements for beauty, natural, conservative, open, bold …. research their Eye shape, skin color and other audience groups, through the golden ratio to design different people’s Mink Eyelash style drawings, better and more accurately highlight each person’s characteristics.

Optimal 3D Mink Eyelash Production Process

Hermeslashes Mink Lashes factory handcrafted workers must choose carefully, be patient and have a sense of fashion beauty. Hermeslashes skilled workers have been trained for at least six months, understand the company culture, and understand our pursuit of beauty. 

Trained workers use tweezers to place the selected good mink hairs in a suitable position according to the false eyelashes drawings. Then put them into the shape of eyelash according to the lashes designer’s concept. At the same time, make sure that the number of mink hairs for the left and right eyes are the same and symmetrical.

Use the healthy silicone gel suitable for the human body to bond the 3D mink eyelashes. High-quality siberian mink lashes require skilled workers to have extremely high patience and high demands on the surrounding temperature. Only in this way can the lashes eyeliner less than 2mm be adhered firmly without overflowing the glue to ensure that the eyeliner band is soft, comfortable and perfect.

Then remove the excess mink hair.

The most critical 3D eyelash shaping is to make different warp according to different styles. Our best lashes R & D team will use different formulas to shape the 3d / 5d mink eyelashes according to their thickness. To make sure that each pair of 3d Mink Fur Lashes comes out is natural and perfect.

Hot and cold treatment method, unique formula makes the product show a layered and orderly messy beauty, called 3D Mink Eyelashes.

In order to eliminate the messy mink hairs, the workers carry out enlarged quality inspections and reject unqualified mink lashes products.

Our designers and customers discussed and exchanged good designs to produce exquisite Eyelashes Packaging Boxes. Workers carefully put Mink Eyelashes into the Lashes Packaging. So a pair of perfect 3D Mink Eyelashes was born.

The smaller the things, the more patience is needed. And the more detailed the things, the more one can show one’s taste.

Choose HERMES LASHES, choose high-quality life!

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