What kind of false eyelash packaging box can promote eyelashes sales?

What are the benefits of the simple eyelash packaging box design style?

The high-end False Eyelash Packaging Box combined with the simple and elegant can show the value of its brand.

Raymon, the design director of the famous brand design company Jayden, once said: Under the influence of the living concept of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction in today’s society, the packaging design is also gradually developing towards simplicity, resource saving and material reuse.

Simple and practical packaging, reduce the cost, improve the safety, but also reflects the packaging of environmental protection and humanization design.

The Lash Packaging Box has gradually evolved from the initial protection of Mink Eyelashes and transportation to create a brand image for this company. For example, Lilly Lashes’s paper card box, Baddie B Lashes ‘ personality Pull Lashes Box.

Eyelash packaging is no longer an appendage to 3D False Eyelashes. Now we advocates sustainable development, the design of Eyelash Storage Case has also been repositioned to become more environmentally friendly. After the development process, it is no longer simple.   

Brief But Not Simple

The brief Eyelash Packaging is not simple and rough on the surface. It is a simple and concise design that adopts content and structure to display the product accurately and quickly. Set up a bridge of communication with Mink Lash products and consumers. Enabling consumers to quickly understand the corporate culture of Mink Eyelashes Vendor

How to Custom Simple Eyelashes Packaging?

The following is an analysis of the simple False Eyelash Packaging Box design through three aspects:

  • Material selection of Custom Eyelashes Packaging

Hermeslashes Eyelashes Packaging Factory widely uses natural materials, environmentally-friendly materials. It can be recycled and recyclable, to minimize Mink Eyelash Cases waste. Custom Eyelash Boxes does not cause secondary pollution. And strives to reduce impact of Eyelash Case Box waste on the environment. Leave a fresh, simple and natural feeling through the material.

  • Structural design of Mink Eyelashes Boxes

The reasonable structure of the false eyelash packaging box can increase the strength of the Mink Lash Boxes. It is beneficial to the protection of 3D Mink Lashes. The simplification of the Unique Lash Packaging structure design can improve the toughness of the Eyelash Box Packaging. And fully utilize the Lashes Packaging space, reduce the waste of materials on the premise that the basic functions of the Eyelash Packaging are met.

  • Beautify design Of Custom Lashes Boxes

The quality of Faux Eyelashes is the most powerful factor to attract consumers. And it is an important factor that consumers are willing to pay attention to the 3D Mink Lash Vendor, even to buy Siberian Mink Lashes again. 

However, when consumers don’t have a specific purchase goal, they always pay attention to the False Eyelash Packaging Box before focusing on 3D Mink Eyelashes. It’s is the first step to attract consumers to buy.

Concise graphic Lashes Packaging design removes needless adornment. Pure and proper color configuration showed the language of color adequately. Concise text information shows Mink Eyelash LOGO detailed, and the Mink Eyelash information. So consumers can clearly understand meaning.

Custom Mink Eyelashes Boxes

Simple not monotonous, embodies the connotation of Custom Eyelashes Packaging. The interpretation of the Mink Lashes Packaging Boxes design of the whole simple beauty.

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