Do you understand the question of Customizing Eyelash Packaging with private label?

Do you understand the question of Customizing Eyelash Packaging with private label?

I will use two Customizing Eyelash Packaging from our customers as an example to illustrate this problem.

The first customer told me earlier that she had worked with a Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor before, but it was not ideal. Here’s the thing. The customer found an image of an Eyelash Box from the Internet and told the sales staff, “I want to Customizing Eyelash Packaging similar to this picture, but I want something different, so be simple, be high-end. ” The Mink Lashes boxes in the pic is a simple white marble lashes box . This saler only asked the customer what color he liked, then arranged for mass production without any confirming from customer. Finaly, The boxes made was not satisfied, high-end feeling, Even if changed to white, but the effect is still not ideal.

This customer found us from website and knowing us. Understand the customer’s preferences, brand positioning, website style and other knowledge of the customer’s Lashes products and business plans. Our designers based on professional design concepts, through color matching, design black and gold with marble patterns boxes at once time. The Customizing Eyelash Packaging effect is very amazing. Customer is also very satisfied. We all know that time is money, especially the cosmetics industry. How to make customers receive the perfect Mink Lashes product faster is our responsibility. Therefore, even if the customer’s thoughts are not very clear, the suggestions we give must have clear goals and find the right direction. Serving customers is our aim.

Only by choosing the right direction on the road of our own growth and then exerting force in the right direction can we achieve our desired effect. Do you agree? You can choose on our website to choose the Lashes Box type, size, determine the color you want, and the material of the Eyelash Box, so we will more efficiently Customizing A satisfactory Eyelash Packaging for you.

Just clicking on the website link below can surprise you.


The second customer. This client has her own logo design and simply stated the requirements.

Requirement 1: Put the logo on the white Pull Lashes box.

Requirement 2: Write ins, Facebook and website information on the back of the Mink Lashes Box.

The client said the Customizing Eyelash Packaging requirements are simple and clear, saving a lot of time

In the first step, we communicate with customers to understand their basic information and basic Customizing Eyelash Packaging requirements (including what colors, fonts, and effects they want to achieve);

The second step is to imagine what the renderings look like in your head. and what problems will you encounter.

The third step is take the actual action and open the software for design.

Professional designers can make renderings of lashes boxes in just 20 minutes. When making the renderings of lashes boxes, if the logo of the front box doesn’t match well with the box, so I gove the customer a suggestion that change the color of the logo eyelashes to gold and add some small decorations on it. Make a rendering to show the customer, and the customer is satisfied.

For such customers, they have their own ideas, know what they want, what kind of lashes boxes , and what color, so that communication between us is also very convenient, as long as you have an idea, we will have a way, I am afraid you have no idea. You can imagine boldly, we can also boldly to design, and we will also give suggestions to make your eyelash box more unique. Because it’s not just for you, it’s for us.

Below is a box we have designed for our customers for your reference.

Customizing Eyelash Packaging

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