New eyelash display box most sought after by Mink Eyelash Wholesale Distributor

Do you want to custom a luxury eyelash display box that can show all your styles of 3d Mink Eyelashes at beauty cosmetics shop or eyelashes salon? Hermeselashes is launching a stylish, high-quality Eyelash Display Box this week.

Hermeslashes eyelash display pack features

Transparent Acrylic Lashes Boxes material, simple and generous. Printed with creative eyelashes logo patterns, showing personality and environmental protection. Simplicity in modern design is a refinement of elements, an aesthetic tendency, and an interpretation of the essence. The artistic charm of minimalistic design Eyelash Packaging Box is accepted by more and more consumers. The simplicity in modern False Eyelashes Packaging design keeps pace with the times.

Combining with the low-carbon environmental protection, energy-saving and consumption-reducing life concept of today’s society, the simple Eyelash Display Box packaging is also more and more popular with beauty consumers.

Print any logo and custom private label eyelash display box. Hermeslashes well-known as one of the best eyelashes custom Eyelash Packaging boxes manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and competitive price.

Please feel free to wholesale bulk low cost Custom Eyelashes Packaging for sale here and get quotation from our factory.

Eyelash packaging is a part of Mink Lashes products. The simple Acrylic Eyelash Display Box design abandons the gorgeous and cumbersome design style. The simple lashes display packaging advocates simplicity, environmental protection, humanity, and interprets the development trend of modern packaging design. Hermeslashes’ simple packaging is no longer simple.

The following is a video of the Eyelash Display Packaging, please enjoy.

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