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A good Mink lashes should be paired with the best Eyelash tweezers.

What kind of Eyelash tweezers are Good eyelash applicator?

First of all, the lashes tweezer must be safe. From the material point of view, Lash tweezers must use the most environmentally friendly materials, safe and pollution-free, no odor. Hermes Lashes Mink eyelash tweezers use the most environmentally friendly materials and are no harm to the body.

Secondly, from the design principle, the 3D mink lashes tweezer must not have the hidden danger of injury. Some scorpions have sharp heads that are easy to poke into their hands or eyes. Do not use them when Wearing lashes. Hermeslashes’ 3D mink tweezers are streamlined and perfectly designed. And the Best eyelash tweezers have no sharp corners and there are no safety hazards.

Personalized Eyelash Tweezers

Are you still using a monotonous color Good lash applicator? Let’s change the color! Hermes Lashes offers Chinese eyelash applicator in a variety of colors.

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In addition, Hermes Lashes provides a Custom tweezer logo service, you can print your company name, website, model, contact information, etc. on the Lashes Applicator, and make a Special eyelash tweezers~

Choose Hermes Lashes and choose the best Eyelash supplier.

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Eyelash Package Box

Eyelash Tools

How to place an order?

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