Hermes Lashes Synthetic Eyelashes

Hermes Lashes Synthetic Eyelashes

As I said in the previous blog” Free Cruel Eyelash– Hermes Lashes Mink Eyelash “, our Mink eyelashes raw materials are Free cruel lashes. But each region has different cultures and religions and different choices. So we also provide Synthetic eyelashes for the convenience of our customers.

Hermes Lashes not only focus on high-end, original design, High-quality mink eyelashes, but also High-quality Synthetic eyelashes so whether it’s a Mane eyelash or a silk eyelash, we insist on using the highest quality raw materials and the most fashionable designs.

We all know that Silk eyelashes have one drawback: they don’t look real, they are fake. So in order to solve this problem, our R&D department has experimentally developed False eyelashes with a diameter of only one quarter of the 3d eyelashes on the market. It doesn’t have the same plastic feel as most faux mink false eyelashes on the market, and it won’t be stiff. Instead, it is designed to be the most popular arc, the most unique style, very soft and comfortable to wear.

Whether you choose Mink eyelashes or Synthetic eyelashes, it’s your best choice. Just like Hermeslashes, it is the Best eyelash supplier choice.

Go pretty, go lash!

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25mm single layer Star Hot Mink Eyelashes — DH Series

16mm Light Natural Mink Eyelashes — A Series

16mm 3D Natural Mink Eyelashes — 3D Series

25mm Double layer Queen Mink Eyelashes — DB Series

28mm Super Long 3D Mink Eyelashes — DX Series

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