How do you collect eyelash materials?

1: How do you collect Mink Lashes Material? Is your Lashes cruel Free?

The raw material of our mink eyelashes is taken from the sable of the tail of the mink aged 1-2 years old. The workers gently comb it with a comb every day, and we choose the natural mink hair, and then collect the mink with hair peak selected by the workers. Cruelty free, we believe in the harmony between nature and human beings, the pursuit of authenticity.

2: Are your eyelashes real mink?

Our products are 100% real mink hair. Real animal hair is natural and glossy with hair peak. Fake mink is synthetic, looks dull, shiny, fake.

A good product must have good materials.

Tips: How to distinguish between True Mink Lashes and Artificial EyelashesReal Mink lashes burns to ash after burning with fire. The Synthetic Eyelashes will form a block after burning.

3: You have so high quality requirements for eyelashes, do you have any good idea to maintain and store them?

Dear, The selection and production of our Office Mink Lashes, whether it is mink hair or lashes glue, are choose the best so that the 3D Mink Lashes produced are also of high quality. So you don’t need to spend your precious time and energy to maintain and store it. 

Step 1. Just wash it with water and remove excess lashes glue after you have finished wearing it.

Step 2. Drying with paper, then blow dry with a hair dryer.

Step 3. Place them on the Eyelash Trays and the Lashes Packaging Box.

Finally, store it well in a place where the sun can’t reach it. Careful use, our eyelashes can be worn repeatedly 25 to 30 times no problem.

4: Please provide some Mink Lashes Material details.

Our eyelashes are made of 100% mink, soft cotton and high quality eyelash glue. The pictures below will help you better understand our mink hair. Or you can click here to learn more about eyelashes and help you sell your eyelashes better.

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