Can you custom Eyelashes Packaging for me?

1: Can you custom Eyelashes Packaging for me?

Of course. We are not only an eyelash wholesaler who offer you high quality eyelash products. At the same time, we can also customize the beautiful eyelash box to help you quickly open the lashes selling works.

2: How To Work On Custom Eyelash Packaging?

We have our own packaging production equipment and printing machines, you only need to send us your logo. We will immediately print out the customized eyelash packaging box to help you win the opportunity to seize the market.

Even if you don’t have a Logo design yet, No worry. Tell us about your logo and the box idea or what you want. Our professional designers who can quickly capture the fashion element will design and confirm the stereoscopic effect of the eyelashes packaging for you after the order is confirmed!

3: How much for customized Eyelashes Packaging?

Dear, different eyelash box processing crafts, the price is also different.

About the material and type of eyelash box are divided into: Paper Card Box, Magnetic Box, Special paper Box, PVC drawer box, polyethylene transparent box, round box with mirror, etc.

About the printing crafts of the eyelash box: ordinary printing, hot stamping, UV, drumming, special printing, and so on.

Do you have any good idea about the lashes packaging you want? Pls tell me. I will calculate the exact price for you.

Please click here to understand more info about – How To Work On Custom Eyelash Packaging? And also launched so many beautiful lashes boxes for your reference.

4: How long time does produced the Eyelashes Box need to be?

In order to help customers seize the market opportunity as soon as possible, our company provides customers with a large number of exquisite Eyelash Packaging sample boxes. Can be shipped 24 hours, without logo.

Even if you need to print a logo, it’s fine. We have our own printing equipment, you only need to send the Logo to us, will deliver it to you within 48 hours.

If you ordered Custom Eyelash Box, it takes about 13~18 days, Maybe faster. You can rest assured that I will keep up with the progress of the order for you and will deliver to you the perfect products in the first time.

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