No One Wins When The Gun Goes Off

No One Wins When The Gun Goes Off

Vegan Lashes Vendor : A few days ago, the CCTV “Host Contest” news finals.

In the competition, the contestant Wang Jianing won a picture: a gun hunter and a ferocious wild bear confronted each other on the balance beam, and the cliffs beneath them were extremely dangerous.

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At first glance, bears have fangs and claws, people have ammunition and guns, and humans have the advantage.

As long as the trigger is pulled before the bear’s claws arrive, humans can become the final winner.

However, before you pull the trigger, don’t forget that people and bears are on both ends of the balance.

Once the sound of gunfire is sounded and the balance is disrupted. Can the eggs remain unbroken when the nest is totally ruined?

After the contestant’s speech, Ms. Dong Qing, a famous Chinese host, said something like this when commenting on the contestant:

“Hurting and being hurt is sometimes a unity of opposites, hurting others, and sometimes it means destroying ourselves. If we lose our balance, then sorry, there is no winner after the gunshot.”

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Everything is Pursuing a Balance

Now there are more and more natural disasters. Australia ’s fires and sandstorms; snowstorms “Geglia” hit Spain; hundreds of millions of locusts attacked East African countries; “flus” that killed tens of thousands of people hit the United States …

Of course, the “new coronavirus” that China is suffering now is also indispensable.

It was at that time that a small number of humans pulled the trigger to make the humans at this moment pay a heavy price.

However, as Ms. Dong Qing said:

“Everything is pursuing a balance. Health is balance, development is balance, and confrontation is sometimes a balance.

It’s not just the relationship between man and bear, the relationship between man and self, and the relationship between man and the world.

If we lose our balance, there is no winner after the shot.”

The painful lesson finally made humans aware that environmental issues are related to human survival and development. Humans must respect nature and coexist in harmony with nature.

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