Perfect Mink Lashes Vegan or Velvet Eyelashes for 100% Vegan Beauty

Perfect Mink Lashes Vegan or Velvet Eyelashes for 100% Vegan Beauty

Which False Eyelashes are suitable for vegetarians? Which Mink Lashes Suppliers provide 3D Lashes that are 100% Vegan Lashes and cruelty-free? Many customers who started to do eyelash business are tangled. 

With the development of society,The current trend of 100% vegan 3D false eyelashes on the market is soaring. More and more customers are choosing 100% vegan lashes. Keeping up with market trends and even discovering business opportunities to lead the beauty market will be an important factor for your Lashes Business to become bigger and stronger.

If you also find this business opportunity, are looking for a Mink Lashes vegan or Synthetic Vegan Lashes Vendors. Congratulations, you have come to hermeslashes Eyelashes Wholesale and found the best Vegan Eyelashes Factory for you.

Whether it is 3D Mink Lashes or Velvet Lashes, we promise to be 100% vegetarian. Hermeslashes Mink Lashes Factory has always advocated the development concept of harmonious development between man and nature. No cruelty, no harm is our principle.

Our mink lashes hairs are taken from the Siberian Mink, which is naturally shed with a comb, and 100% Vegan Lashes cruelty-free and high-temperature sterilized. Because the hairs naturally shed are mature, which keeps the natural feature of the lashes, and the hair tips are more natural. We cherish animals; we have been committed to human and natural harmony!

Faux mink lashesSilk Velvet Lashes, the raw material is polymer protein filament, is a synthetic material. It’s cruelty-free as well.

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