What are the best fake lashes to buy?

What are the best fake lashes to buy? | Hermeslashes WAND Fake Mink Lashes world debut

This week Hermeslashes False Eyelashes Wholesale Factory designed and launched its latest Fake Lashes – world debut “WAND” Fake Eyelashes.

This series of Handcraft False Eyelashes are 100% vegan eyelashes, which is simply a gospel for vegetarians.

Many customers will ask that such Vegetarian Eyelashes have been available on the market, such as Velvet Eyelashes, Silk Lashes, Artificial Eyelashes, Human Lashes and so on. What is the difference between WAND Fake Lashes and these False Eyelash? Isn’t it just another name?

This is not the case. WAND lashes are very different from ordinary Artificial Lashes on the market, and its lashes are naturally better than Velvet Lashes. Similar to the natural curling effect of Real 3D mink Lashes.

WAND Fake Eyelashes are made from the research of Bamboo protein fibre, a pure plant element. Hermeslashes Mink Lashes Factory attaches great importance to the research and development of WAND Fake Lashes. From the growth of bamboo in the early stage to the extraction and development of bamboo fiber in the later stage, Heremeslashes Lashes Vendor has invested at a steep financial and human cost. Being able to extract bamboo protein fibers that are really suitable for making Fake Mink Eyelashes has high technical requirements and harsh environmental requirements. The ratio of bamboo protein fibers that can be successfully extracted is as high as 300: 1. Demanding standards produce high-quality products. WAND Fake Lashes are more durable and look better than regular Vegetarian Eyelashes.

Please enjoy a few beautiful WAND Fake Lashes below. More styles , warm welcome to contact Kelsey ( whatsapp : + 86 137 3091 0560 , Email : kelsey@qdcannes.com) to get it:

We all know that with new products, will have new market opportunities. Seize the opportunity to develop the market, your eyelash business will become more and more successful, becoming a leader in the False Eyelash industry.

Hermeslashes produces, must give high-quality goods.

Forward this article to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest social media, and @ 3 friends, send screenshots to Kelsey (Whatspp: 86 176 6962 5211) leave contact information and delivery address, you will experience the new WAND FAKE LASHES for free A pair of false eyelashes. (Buyer Pays Postage)

Handcraft WAND FAKE LASHES are 100% vegan eyelashes which made by Bamboo protein fibre, it is simply a gospel for vegetarians.

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