How Can I Make Full Strip Eyelashes Stick All Day?

tips of wearing full strip eyelashes firmly all day

Mink 5D Eyelashes With Custom Made Packaging Extens Russian Curl Strip Lash

Many people have a wonder how to make the full strip eyelashes sticked firmly for long time?

I am a lover of strip eyelashes and wear eyelashes every day.

Here we will talk wearing full strip eyelashes tips and tricks to apply strip eyelashes firmly all day.

1:Using the eyelash glue pen draw a liner on the eyelids,

I found in this way it can prevent the skin from oiling and make the glue lose its stickiness

Full Strip Wholesale Glue Pen Private Label 3D Real Mink Eyelashes

Here shows some good magnetic eyelash liner to Increase stickiness and prevent oily skin

2:Put the eyelash glue on the eyelash band, after 5-6 seconds, you can wear the strip eyelashes very firmly.

Fake Eye Short Mink 3D Custom Eyelash Half Lashes Wearing

I wear strip eyelashes every day in this way,

it can keep sticking all day, so never fall off until you sleep in the night.

Best quality eyelash glue to wear full strip eyelashes tips

The advantage of strip falsies

1: You can wear any type of full strip lashes you like , Unlike eyelash extensions, The shape of your inborn eyelashes will limite the styles of grafting eyelashes.

2: You can remove the Full strip eyelashes at night, and let our eyes have a rest.

3:Strip false eyelashes are applied on the upside of our eyelid,

It can prevent the glue from penetrating into the eyes and can protect our eyes well.

4: The shape of False strip eyelashes can not be changed with our own eyelashes falling off.

5: strip falsies are waterproof,

even it is in water, the shape can keep the same after dring.

6: false strip eyelashes can be reusable at least 25 times. surely good quality.

7: Strip false eyelashes are cheap, and MOQ is only 30pcs.from 0.50-usd5.00

do you want to start full strip eyelashes business? contact us freely!

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Silk Premium Volume Soft Lashes For Salon Lash Privat Label Vegan Eyelash Set Wholesale

What is the difference between full strip lashes vs eyelash extensions?

what is full strip eyelashes?

Full strip lashes is sticked on the eyelid on upside of your own eyelash.

you can remove or wear strip eye lashes for numerous times till they are no longer good.

The producer can use different material such as nano fibre, hemp plant fibre, real mink, silk and ect to make full strip eyelashes.

Many people also call Full strip eyelashes as false eyelash, falsies, glue on eyelashes or stick-on lashes,

what is the advantage of full strip eye lash?

  • You won’t have to visit a salon to wear strip lashes,You can wear full strip eyelashes by yourself at home.
  • People can choose any style of strip eyelash according to your preference. Without being limited by the shape of your own eyelashes.

Multi purpose of full strip eyelashes

Besides Glue the full strip eyelash on the line when a rush.

Full strip eyelashes can be cut into any lashes as what you want.

  • You can cut them into half lashes for butterfly eyes.
  • Cut them into segments to patch the eyelashes.
  • Use the 4-5 small segments stick underneath the eyeline lasting for week.

so falsies are hot welcomed by customers.

ONLYCANAS design the popular Full strip eye lashes according to the fashion styles of eyelash extensions,

So many different types for you to choose from,

Here we recommend you special cashmere full strip lashes,you can custom them into any lengths, volume or material.

Custom Curly Cashmere full strip eyelashes wholesale factory

Cashmere full strip eyelashes are used the same material of eyelash extensions, it is the most similar as salon grafting eyelashes.

volume 5d cashmere full strip lashes wholesale vendor

what is eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions is a way that you will have to go to salon to stick individual eyelashes on your own lashes one by one, you no need to remove or wear false eyelashes everyday. but it has many problems.

wholesale eyelash extensions

what is the problem for eyelash extensions?

It will ruin your inborn lashes if you do eyelash extensions for long time.

If your inborn eyelashes is very soft, It will be difficult to support the sticked individual eyelash,

The growth direction of your inborn natural lashes will limit the shape of the implanted lashes.

so the it is difficult to make various styles for eyelash extensions,

even you make a fashion style at present, It can be changed with the growing of your own lashes.

If you always grafting eyelash extensions, let your inborn lashes have a rest!

So we suggest you alternative use eyelash extension and full strip lashes to protect your inborn lashes.

Choose full strip lashes is very very necessary! Come on ! dear, all styles of full strip lashes are available here!

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How To Find A Lashes Vendor ?

The most professional false Eyelash wholesale vendors

If you want to be successful in your false eyelashes business line, A reliable lashes factory is necessary, Because a good eyelash supplier is your strong backing,

Eyelash factory like soil, It is very important that whether your lash business can develop and grow healthy.

and today we will talk about how to find a good eyelash vendor and how to identify eyelash wholesale vendors suitable for you?

How to find a good eyelash vendor?

1:Google map search

If you want to meet the lash business vendor in person, you can search for wholesale eyelash vendors near me‘ on Google Maps. You will get a list of all the nearby lash factories and individual lash vendors. Then, you can visit their place or plan a meeting before time.

false eyelashes factory wholesale

2: Google Engine search

You can search by google, Professional wholesale eyelash suppliers should have a website, and you can easily find vendors with a keyword search under “wholesale eyelash suppliers” or similar key words”eyelash factory or eyelash manufacturer,false eyelash wholesale vendors” and ect.

best lashes factory supplier usa

3:Google picture search.

Sometimes, google key word search,

Sometimes a full page of text seems time-consuming, Sometimes doesn’t answer your question, or doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, a picture can do the job.
You can search for pictures of the eyelash products you want, and the links under the pictures can lead you to the false eyelash manufacturers,
You can also use other search engines such as Bing, AOL and Yahoo to search for full strip eyelashes Factory.
When searching on these search engines, make sure to narrow down your search so you can get the most relevant results.

It is easy to narrowing down your online search. in other words, you can search the key words in more details,

You can add accurate words to the search. For example, instead of entering “factory that makes eyelashes,” you can enter “factory that makes mink eyelashes.” or”3d faux mink lashes vendors

4:Social Media Searches for Eyelash Vendors

Search false eyelashes Factory on YouTube. instergram, facebook, linkin, twitter and so on. We will mainly explain hot to look for eyelash vendors on youtube, instergram and facebook, other platform is the same way.

YouTube is also a very powerful search engine. What you can’t find in a Google search, sometimes can be got on YouTube.

Not only will YouTube help you find a good false eyelash factory, but it will also give you some other useful information. there are many tutorials on youtube.

on youtube, you can find video, or some other show in person.

This information can help you determine if your search is in the right direction. It can also help you better understand the entire false eyelashes industry.

Instagram is not just a platform to share the pictures of daily life, many many business false eyelash suppliers show their photoes and videos of dailly working to get attraction of the eyelash wholesalers abroad ,

so you can also find the false eyelash manufacturer you want through this medium platform.

Just make use of its search function and you will have a lot of results with false eyelashes Factory as shown in the screenshot below.

3d mink lashes wholesale supplier

now many many eyelash factory advertise their company on facebook, so facebook have become a productive way to find eyelash suppliers,

when you put the key words “eyelash factory or eyelash manufacturer or eyelash wholesale vendors or the similar key words” don’t forget to search results in the following section of Facebook. . s




market page.

For the Places group you will see results in the “All” category and may also see some sponsored ads as shown in the screenshot below.

3d faux mink lashes supplier wholesale

5:B2B Marketplace Forums to look for false eyelash Suppliers

you can also search eyelashes suppliers through alibaba ,made in china or global sources and ect.

The false eyelash product B2B platform have no special feature, the price competition is fierce. so you will have to be patient with the eyelash supplier or samples to check quality, usually , only samples can not check the quality very well. you can order small order firstly.

Keep in mind, Quality and price are always proportional, don’t be greedy for cheap false eyelashes, thus will bear more loss.

6: Attend Exhibitions or Trade Shows to Find Eyelash Vendors

check out exhibitions and trade show to find vendors for your eyelash business
wholesale best false eyelashes factory near me

The cosmetics Trade shows or exhibitions are held in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries to show the latest eyelash extension styles and full strip eyelashes. DUBAI COSMETIC SHOW, HONGKONG COSMETIC SHOW, NEW YORK COSMETICS SHOW, las vegas cosmetics show are very numerous and popular. Cosmetics shows are a great place to get information about false eyelash vendors,

You can check the actual lashes physically and communicate with the eyelash vendors. and get more info from them,

As always, you can perform a Google search for lash-related trade shows in your immediate area and attend exhibitions near you.

of course, the best way to find false eyelash supplier is that you come to their factory and sit down to communicate with the boss and designer of the lash vendors.

Looking for reliable false eyelash factory is like looking for a lover. It requires the same idea to save much time and make sure the business grow quickly and healthy.

Contact us to get more skills and info. we are always available to help you !

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What Is The Trend Of Lashes 2022?

lash trends half lash wholesale

Lilly Lashes Tell you! Lightening your false lashes and making your eyes fly is our theme this year!

Half eyelashes are becoming new trend of false eyelashes in the new year!

Half lashes, 3\4 band of eyelashes can make your eyes butterfly looking!

It is lightweight, much more easy to apply!

Mink Best Seller Lashes 3D Luxury Real Fur Lash Customize Half Eyelashes Vendor
Half lashes wholesale vendor
Mink Lash High Qualiti Fur Hot Customize Half Eyelashes Vendor
Half lashes manufacturer china
  • You can buy full strip eyelashes and cut into half lashes.
  • Or you ask the eyelash factory to pre cut the lashes into half band. No trim any more.

ONLYCANAS Half lashes can be used up to 25times. You can order any full strip eyelashes to make half band eye lashes.

paying one pair of eyelash will get 2pairs of trend half lash

Half lashes can decrease the weight of you eyes, Butterfl’Eyes 3D Faux Mink Half Lashes add a fluttery touch to the outer corners of your eyes. Weightless, wispy-soft layers subtly enhance your eyes and lashes with an airy dimensional effect.

Lashes Mink 3D Lash Wholesal Half Eyelashes Wholesale
custom half lashes factory
Lashes Lash Mink Best Seller Strip Diy Half Eyelashes Wholesale
half lashes supplier
High Quality Oem Odm Private Label Vendor Customize Half Eyelashes Wholesale
faux mink lashes half lash wholesale vendors
Mink Lashes Best Seller 3D Vendor Bulk Customize Half Eyelashes Wholesale
vegan faux lashes supplier china

How to wear half lashes?

Half lashes are very easy to apply.

If your inborn eyelashes is long and just add volume and length on the outside of your eyes, half lashes are very good,

if you want the butterfly eyes looking mysterious,

Half eyelashes are suitable.

Wholesale Half Eyelashes Lashes 3D Vendor Bulk Eyelash Tutorial Steps

What is the price of half false eyelash?

Hand-crafted from the most luxury vegan fibers on a comfortable 100% cotton band, these speed lashes are good for all eye shapes. These 3D Faux Mink half lashes offer effortless application with no trimming and no measuring.

The cost of Two pairs of half lashes same as one pair of lash. very cheap and low cost!

we can precut the half lashes for you freely!

The customer base who likes this type of full strip eyelash is very large. Those who want to develop this kind of full strip eyelashes business should act quickly and grab the market opportunities.

Lashes False 3D Volume Individual Half Silk Eyelashes Wholesale

Click here>>>>half lashes catalog


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What Is The Lash Trend Hungary?

Are Fake Lashes Still Trendy?

It’s a booming trend that’s rapidly becoming the crowd favorite all around the world. According to research from Grand View Research, Inc., the individual false eyelashes market is expected to have a CAGR of 6.0% from 2019 to 2025.

The full strip eyelashes are expected improving of 10% from 2019 to 2022.

Now the market for false eyelashes is still very hot, and the eyelash market is huge at the same time it is full of competition.

There are a few points that must be paid attention to on how to make money with false eyelashes.
Always be sensitive to the market trend,

New Trend of wet eye looking -L shaped eyelashes

What are wet look eyelashes? Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

lash map L shape full strip eyelashes wholesale

New trend of L shaped full strip eyelashes like the following to make wet lash look!

Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

For full strip lashes.VM009 Vegan hair eyelashes can show the wet lash looks very well !

Every one want a mysterious eyes. this kind of eyelashes can show it well .

Silk Eyelashes Matte Black False Supplies 3D Private Label Vendor Vegan Hair Lashes
wet eye looking eyelashes wholesale

This kind of full strip eyelashes are suitable for wet eye looking!

If you want this kind of eyelashes , contact us freely for latest catalog!

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What Is Dropshipping False Eyelashes And How Does It Work?

What is the advantage of dropshipping eyelash business?

With the development of e-commerce, the cooperation model of drop Shipping has become the mainstream model of the existing e-commerce industry. Eyelashes Drop Shipping service is also popular now.

Dropshipping eyelash service was born from the pains Eyelash distributors face when wanting to start an online eyelash business. The info of online business is very fast.

Everyone should pay attention to trends and spread the products in the first time then you can get the market opportunities.

Dropshipping eyelashes services is emerged in the right time.

1:Remove the pressure of inventory of false eyelashes.

Eyelash Dropshipping service is a business model that removes the inventory aspect of retail.

A customer’s order is sent directly to the dropship false eyelash supplier to be fulfilled and delivered.

You’ll never have to worry about holding inventory and dealing with the eyelash products yourself. You’ll only have to focus on marketing your store and eyelash products, and building a customer experience unlike any other. In other words, the fun stuff.

False Eyelash Supplier Eyelashes Vendor 3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
best lashes factory

2. Low business overhead.

Before dropshipping, you would have had to scour the internet and look for false eyelash wholesalers, order them in bulk, and store them in your home in hopes of selling them all. You’d have to do inventory, manage delivery for each customer, and create a system for keeping track of it all.

With dropshipping, the process is simplified, as you only manage the false eyelashes orders that come through, and keep good relationship with your false eye lash supplier. You’ve eliminated the upfront cost in both time and money of storing and organizing these items, and dealing with the delivery of each kind of false eyelash to your customers.

2. Start selling Eyelashes faster.

With dropshipping, you would have been able to add false eyelashes (and other new essentials) to your product catalogue overnight, and started running ads and campaigns immediately. This would have won you thousands of new eyelash customers, and tons of leads for potential marketing and recurring customers.

Trends like these happen consistently over time, and with dropshipping, you’re able to start selling any false eyelashes items as you see them rise in popularity. More on how to discover false eyelash trends later.

How does Eyelashes Dropshipping work?

Here’s the dropshipping model in three simple steps:

  1. Your customer purchases False eyelashes on your store
  2. The order is sent directly to the false eyelash supplier for processing
  3. The Eyelash supplier ships the required false eyelashes to your customers.

For example, The Mink Eyelashes vendor does not need stock Mink Lashes inventory, but submits their customer orders and shipping details to the 3D Mink Lashes Supplier, and the Eyelashes Factory sends the Mink 3D Lashes goods directly to the end customer.

Vendor High Quality Thick Natural Fake Lashes 3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
Professional eyelashes manufacturer

How to find the right dropshiping eyelash supplier?

If you want to do dropshipping eyelash services, A good and professional eyelash supplier is very important. both of you should have the same idea to market.

You can find dropshipping eyelash suppliers by searching for wholesale suppliers of your specific niche. You can use directories such as wholesale centrel to find suppliers and start your process of weeding out the ones you want to work with.

It’s a long and time-consuming process, but it’s in your best interest to find good eyelashes suppliers that are worth working with. Otherwise, you could set yourself up for disappointed customers, bad reviews, and a suffering business.

 Evaluate suppliers.

Once you have a healthy list of false eyelashes wholesale suppliers, it’s time to test order eyelash products, and document your journey from start to finish in terms of communication, tracking number, shipping time and quality of the delivery and product. Rate them based on the following criteria:

  • Product Selection
  • Shipping time
  • Communication
  • Wholesale Prices
Wholesale False Suppliers Mink Lashes Vendors Dramatic Eyelashes Vendor
best mink lashes vendors

Order their False eyelash products and test their entire process. This way, you’ll know what expectations to set and you’ll be able to work with this false eye lashes supplier from one order, to thousands. Make sure to keep an eye out for the wholesale prices as well.

Ideally, you’d like to make a 30% profit margin on each false eyelashes product and still be able to offer affordable pricing for your target market.

How to start dropshipping eyelashes with us?

ONLYCANAS Eyelash factory are the most professional Eyelashes factory.

We have throusands of 3D Strip Mink Lashes Factory and have many Fluffy Mink Lashes styles Which is hot sale in the world.

All the lashes are pure handmade.

Mink 3D Lashes Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor Bulk Russian Curl Strip Lash
Cheap cashmere 3d faux mink vegan lashes wholesale

For you i think you can select some Lashes 3D popular styles which is sutable for your market not too many at the beginning and test the market.

After testing and the hot styles Eye Lashes confirmed, we will continue to producing them to meet your market demand to avoid supply shortage. and then continue.

At the same time, we also provide custom 3D Mink Lashes service, send us your current False Mink Lashes styles or favorite 3D Mink Eyelash Strips.

We have a professional designer and skilled hand-workers teams to help you achieve your dream.

Cooperate with us, you can always keeping up with the trend of the Internet, and it is easy to succeed to seize the trend.

Help you expand False Lashes market and meet your request is my goal. If you are looking for eyelashes drop Shipping service for your mink lashes business, we can communicate further and in details.

We are also exploring this Mink Eyelashes Drop Shipping cooperation trend, and now we already have some customers trying to cooperate with us by Dropshipping.

Lash Packing Vendor Wholesale Private Label Eyelashes Eyelash Set Box
Custom Good eyelash packing set wholesale

As we know that time is valuable to occupy market, It is a good idea that customers send an excel which show very detailed info of False Eyelashes Wholesale to guide Mink Lashes Factory how to ship the goods and make arrangement without delay.

In this cooperation mode, we will strictly control 3D Eyelashes product quality, stocking, delivery, packaging etc to ensure the interested of our customers. Customers have no Mink Eyelashes inventory pressure, only need to focus their time on website marketing and get more traffic.

ODM ONLYCANAS Mink Lashes Wholesale are also willing to cooperate with the person who grasps the trend with active thinking and innovation,

OEM, ODM all accepted.

Thanks to the Internet, we get to know each to achieve mutual achievements.

All of false eyelashes are suitable for dropshipping.

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Click here>>>>3D Plant fibre lashes

Click here>>>>3D Cashmere lashes

Click Here>>>>3D Silk Eyelashes

Click Here>>>>25mm mink lashes

Click Here>>>>half lashes

Click Here>>>>DIY Segment lashes

Click here>>>>Fresh affordable Eyelashes sample pack

Click here>>>>RTS Discount Eyelashes

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Can Cashmere Full Strip Eyelashes Make Profit?

High Quality Faux Mink Cashere Lashes Wholesale Sample Packs Plan A

The popularity of cashmere eyelashes extensions have promoted the popularity of cashmere full strip lashes.

It is easier for Full strip cashmere lashes to be designed in many different kinds of styles than eyelash extensions. Any full strip cashmere lashes styles can be done by our workers.

1:Full Strip Cashmere lashes Vs Silk Eyelashes

Cashmere lashes are thinner, softer and up to 60% lighter than silk lashes, making them the most popular and natural. They’re more flexible too, so curl retention is twice as strong, and they last longer than silk lashes

2:Cashmere full strip lashes vs mink lashes

Cashmere Eyelash full strip are the newest trend in the lash industry! They’re up to 50% lighter than classic mink lashes, longer-lasting and incredibly soft.

With top split, The cashmere full strip lashes looks volume with lighter weight.

3:cashmer full strip lashes can be customised very same as customers’ request.

The retention curl of cashmere full strip lashes can be done very same as customers’ request.

Not like real mink lashes, the hair is natural, it is difficult for real mink lashes to make the final effect very same as customers’ request

4: The cost of full strip lashes is cheaper than others.

The cost of full strip cashmere lashes is lower than others. it is only about usd1.5/pcs. the quantity is more the price will be better.

Full strip cashmere lashes is good and more sutable for mass consuption. so the potential market is very huge!

5: Hot selling cashmere sample pack

In order to make more people to check our cashmere full strip lashes, we launch some Popular lashes in bulk, Pls refer to the detailed lash styles.

Full strip cashmere lashes styles in details: Clear tray, white box packaging. just for you to test the quality.

Dubai Faux Mink Eyelash Packaging set.

The price is usd32.00 (Total 30pcs)

Total 30pcs,

The special feature of the Dubai eyelash set packing, medium volume, show confident, wispy styles. this kind of faux eyelashes are suitable for various eyes, it is versatile and for every day wearing.

Products Details of cashmere eyelash sample pack

The eyelash packing set name:Dubai
Material:Nano fiber, top split
Volume:Medium Volume
The length:14-15mm versatile
The material:faux mink cashmere lashes
How to organize:white pack. Clear tray packing.
Custom curl:Russion D, or B, C
wholesale lash sample set factory

The following is the actual pictures of cashmere lashes sample pack including, pls refer to it.

Faux Vegan Mink Lashes Wholesale Eyelashes Cashmere Lash Extensions
Vegan Lashes Cruelty Free Strip 3D 4D 5D Faux Mink Private Label Customized Eyelash Packaging Box Eyelashes Cashmere Lash
Eyelash Faux Mink Cheap High Quality Free Sample Cashmere Lash Extension Trays

The Special Feature Of Lashes 3D Faux Mink Eyelashes

1. 100% Pure Handmade Eyelash

In order to show the real natural eyelashes, Hermes Lashes manufacturer always insists on 100% handmade lashes, and the workers arrange each vegetarian hair carefully. Real handmade false strips lashes, beautiful made.

2. New technical material close to real mink lashes wearing effect.

3. VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE lash approved!

Because it is purely plant-delivered, so if you are a beauty conscious female who value vegetarianism can wear it with confidence.

4. Pure Catton Lash Band , No Latex Glue

We only stick glue to the ends of the 3D bamboo lashes. In order to fix faux mink eyelash better, the higher cost and top technical level of factory are required in this production method. Finally, the beautiful eyelashes provided to customers are more soft and wearing super comfortable. Only few Eyelash Factory in the market can do it.

5. Repeatable wear

You can use our false eyelashes up to 25-30 times with proper care. If you store them back in their original tray they will hold their shape.

Those lashes styles has very full-length and you get an exact full and dramatic look when wearing our 3d faux mink eyelashes.

If you want to do your own types of cashmere lashes, Tell us lashmapping.Your ideal eyelashes will be produced by our workers.

Welcome all people who have the same ideas join us ! If you have any questions pls contact us freely.


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How To Type Best Selling Full Strip Lashes by lash Map?

The types of full strip eyelashes is very important, Good types of full strip false lashes can be loved by consumers quickly and help you open market ahead of other competitors.

Many customers want to type an special full strip eyelash for their consumers,but they don’t know to to describe it. Lash map is a good way to help you communicate with the designers,

How to use lash map?

 Lash map helps the workers to decide the length of full strip lashes to use and create a set that complements a client’s features and eye shape.

The importance of lash mapping to lash designers is much like the importance of a game plan for a winning football team

On lash map, it shows clearly what eyelash types you want?

Different Eye shape, you can type different eyelash styles.

Mink Lash Map Full Strip 3D Wholesale Vendor Best Quality Lashes
lash map wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors

What is Lash Map?

Lash mapping is a technique for planning where to use lengths, curls and thicknesses, in order to create a fabulous set of eyelash extensions with the style and the level of drama that your client desires – and that is also suited to their eye shape and natural eyelashes

For example. If You want a wispy looking. The Hollywood full strip lash styles is suitable for you . pls refer to the lash map.

Mink Lash Map Strip 5D Eyelashes With Custom Made Packaging Best Quality Lashes
TOP SELLING hollywood 3d fluffy mink lash map
3D Strip Fluffy Custom Mink Eyelashes Best Quality Lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors

One cluster by another one with different lengths, some different shorter clusters in the middle, and put some crisscross hairs to decrate the full strip lashes. an hollywood lash styles make your eyes wispy looking!

if you want an cat eye looking, the following the types of the following lash map is suitable , Volume base like a black eyeliner with short length, The extenion eye length is from 11mm to 16mm. more and more longer from inner side to the outside.

you can also make the eyelash clusters with different volumes from 3d to 5d.

Strip D Curl Eyelashes 15-18Mm Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors

Trought lash map. We can clearly understand what types of full strip lashes you want.

Our designer will do prototype for your confirmation. ONLYCANAS lashes are pure hand made, the workers can make the lashes strictly according to your lash map.

Vendor Strip Lashes Lashes3d Wholesale Bulk Curelty Free 3D Mink Eyelashes
wholesale eyelashes factory
Strip Lashes Lash D Curl Hand Made Curelty Free 3D Mink Eyelashes
3d mink lashes vendors

we will do the lash map for the popular lash styles, Pay attention to us! You will get more surprise!

Contact us to type your own full strip lashes!

 email: , Whatsapp: +86 176 6962 5211

Know More About Types Of Full Strip Lashes To Help You Win Market!

Are you confused that when you are going to start lash business, but don’t know what types of full strip eyelashes are suitable for you?

The customers around you determines what type of eyelashes you need to purchase, it is best to learn about all the different types that fit your customers personality and preference, before you actually spend money and time on eyelash business.

If you order the lashes suitable for your customers, you can sell eyelashes quickly and make money,

so what is your customer like? What kind of lashes do they need?

If you are not sure, please see our full strip eyelashes category, you will know what kind of full strip false eyelashes you need to promote!

Here is the right place for you to learn about the various types of full strip eyelashes. Each type of false lashes has its own unique effects on your eyes and your overall appearance. Thus,

Which one is better? As the saying goes, existence is reasonable,

ODM ONLYCANAS are a professional eyelash factory, facing false eyelash buyers all over the world, eye lashes as a kind of cosmetics, it also reflects a culture,

Our designer team have segmented the market with different culture and preference.

So Each kind of eye lashes we produce have their customer group in different regions.

For Our eyelash cooperators, Never worry about the market.

3D Mink Lashes vs 25mm mink lashes

3D Mink eyelashes is the most common among celebrities. Minks are known for best achieving natural-look, because they are made from real hair. This type of mink false eyelashes is suitable for those who are looking for natural, light yet luscious look.  In additional, 3d mink eyelashes are very thin. As a result, they tend to last longer because they will not weigh down your natural eyelashes.

Among all eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes are the most beautiful. So 3D Mink Eyelashes is a historic innovation in false eyelashes.

Lashes Wholesale Vendors High Quality Siberian 3D Mink Lash Manufactur

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of 3D Mink Lashes catalog

25mm mink eyelashes are designed for black people, Because their skin color is darker, so longer and thicker false eyelashes can highlight the beauty of the eyes.

The length of 25mm mink eyelashes just too suitable! ONLYCANAS 25mm mink lashes is very velvety and messy. Just catering to the black people cultrue.

Eyelashes Wholesale 5D 100% Premium Extension 25Mm Mink Lash Manufactur
wholesale 25mm mink lashes factory

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of 25mm mink lashes catalog

Vegan hair eyelashes.

Vegan hair lashes are similar to real mink eyelashes, just that they are bionic fibers,

This type of vegan hair eyelashes is ideal for those who want to achieve natural look, similar to real mink eyelashes, but at a lower cost.

It is also suitable for those who do not want to use real hair. An advantage of this type of vegan hair is that they will not lose their curl effect even when they get wet.

This false eye lash has a fluffy feeling on the tip of the hair. Naturally, because it is a raw material synthesized from bionic fibers and contains hair ingredients, the effect is naturally the closest to 3D mink false eyelashes.

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Silk Premium Volume Soft For Salon Korean Fake Vegan Hair Lashes
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Hemp plant fiber lashes vs cashmere lashes Vs 3d silk eyelashes

Plant fibre eyelashes, this raw material for eyelashes, each hair strand is curved, The hair looks like curly filaments. and then use these raw materials to make false eyelashes, she also looks very natural, The second is close to 3D mink eyelashes.

The raw material is degradable, so very popular in Australia .

Faux Mink Eyelashes Strip Natural Wholesale Eyelash Bamboo Lash Wand Tube
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Cashmere lashes, this kind of false eyelashes use the softest material in eyelash extensions with diametre 0.025mm, the top part is splitted, so if the same wight, this kind of false eyelashes cashmere lashes looks more volume.

Eyelashes False Cashmere Wholesale Price 3D Silk Strip Lashes

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3d silk eyelashes, the diameter of the raw material is 0.7mm, in terms of natural look and thickness of the lashes. This type is special because they tend to be thicker at the bottom and gradually become thinner towards the end, giving you a fuller appearance of the lash line. Your eyelashes will look darker, fuller, and glossier. This type of eyelash is ideal for those who do not want to use real fur.

Grade 100% Handmade False Eyelashes Hot Selling Vegan Wholesale Price 3D Silk Strip Lashes
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Different raw materials have different eyelash effects. From the hot selling degree. We rank from high to low in terms of market popularity

The best one is 3D mink lashes>vegan hair eyelashes>plant fibre eyelashes>cashmere lashes>3d silk eyelashes The price is also from high to low.

3D silk eyelashes are suitable for mass consuption, the demand quantity is large. it is suitable to supplying cosmetics chain super market.

For hot selling 3d silk eye lashes, we have launching promotion activity.

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C curl vs d curl eyelash strips

Then again, the curvature of false eyelashes.
Usually, the curvature of full strip eyelashes is made into a C-curve, which can clearly see the different styles of false eye lashes, better enlarge the eyes, and correct the eye shape.

The larger the curvature, the harder it is to see the style for eyelashes over 15mm, and the effect is not very ideal.

If you want to make a large curvature, it is recommended that the full strip eyelashes be less than 14 mm.
For full strip eyelashes under 14mm, the curvature should be D-curvature, so that the effect of enlarging the eyes is the most obvious.

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The full strip eyelashes below 10mm can be made into a j-curve, so that the upper eyelashes are attached to the upper eyelid, and it looks like an eyeliner is drawn from a distance, which greatly enlarges the effect of the eyes.

Corner Band Real Mink Eyelash Wholesale Price 3D Strip Lashes
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Light volume vs classic lashes vs volume lashes

thin volume full strip eyelashes

Private Label Individual Corner Band Real Mink Eyelash Wholesale Price 3D Strip Lashes
Light volume eyelashes vendors

This kind of full strip eyelashes is super natural, and many people with yellow skin wear it every day.
Natural volume full strip lashes, suitable for yellow, white, everyday wear.
Medium volume full strip lashes, revealing confidence, generosity, and nobility.
Thick volume full strip eyelash show bold. Full body looking.

Mink Fur Strip Eye 3D Eyelash Eyelashes Natural Volume Full Sdtrip Lashes
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diy segment eyelashes any where any time

If you want to make your own eyelashes, choose DIY SEGMENT LASHES. Anywhere at home, any place, for some customers who are very skilled in wearing eyelashes, they can make their own eyelashes at will.

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Different types of full strip lashes can achieve uniquely different results for the overall look. Take time to study different types. Whether you prefer light, natural eyelashes or bold, glorious eyelashes, there will always be the perfect type of eyelashes for you!

The Universal length of full strip eyelashes is 15-16mm.

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12-13mm short full strip eyelashes, suitable for daily wear, eye wear.

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18-20mm full strip eyelashes are suitable for deep set eyes or some people for film and television , 18-20mm false eyelashes can make your eyes highlighted when on video.

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25mm mink lashes are the best length for dark skinned people.

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28mm mink lashes, are some movie models, party models, festival models.

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Every types of full strip lashes have their own market, Which kind of eyelashes are you prefer?

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Tatti Tell You What Is The Popular Eye Lashes?

tatti’s favourite natural full strip eyelashes wholesale

Famous blogger Tatti give us suggestions of popular natrual full strip lashes.

Yes, we agree her, and natural eyelashes are never out of style.

as it is going to say: Natural is the best, nature is just like that, silent…..

Light Volume Full Strip Hot Selling Private Label 3D Real Mink Natural Eyelashes Wholesale
tati light volume eyelashes

Natural eyelashes will make people invisible but feel so beautiful! I think this is the ultimate state of makeup. Natural beauty….

We are  always producing natural eyelashes for those who pursue natural high grade customer design belongs to their eyelashes

light volume full strip eyelashes hot selling

Based on the eyelash styles recommended by the famous blogger Tatti,

The ethereal, light lash style is universally welcomed by everyone. Effortless, no trimming.

New Design Eyelashes With Custom Packaging Wholesale Eyelash Long Thick Lash 3D Mink Lashes
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Mink Faux Korean 10 In 1 Luxury Silk Eyelash Vegan Hair Lashes
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half lashes 3d faux mink lashes wholesale

Just as lilly lashes, half lashes that will give you butterfly’ eyes, yes!

Just put the half lashes on the end of the eye, and instantly create a butterfly version of the eye shape!

the lash band of half lashes is short . so it is more easier to wear it. no any feeling.

after you wearing half lashes, you will know physically what is “natural”

Lashes 3D Half Faux Mink Vendor Bulk Natural Eyelashes Wholesale

We launched half eyelashes, thin and soft, which have been widely welcomed by lilly lashes and Middle East customers.

Mink 100% Handmade Real Eyelash Wholesale Lashes Perfect Lash Customize Half Eyelashes Vendor
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Special eyelash sample set

For half lashes, We launched a eyelash set packing 6 different natural lashes with an eyelash glue just for you to check the quality . usd50.00/set free shipping.

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light volume cashmere faux mink lashes wholesale

If you want to see samples, our company has launched a special set cashmere eyelash set with clear tray packing. free shipping just for you to check the quality first.

the eyelash set including 6 popular styles, 5pcs/style, Total 30pcs.

high quality just for you with high grade.

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Dear buyers, eyelash styles are constantly changing according to makeup trends! We always keep up with fashion and create more business opportunities for you! !

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