Do men have longer eyelashes than women?

Men Eyelashes VS Women Lashes

Ever wondered by the Peacock is more colourful and beautiful than Peahen? That is you answer. | Do men have longer eyelashes than women?

In Majority of animal species, Male counterparts have more colourful, distinct, prominent features than female counterparts. Eg: Long colourful feathers in birds, Horns and Stripes in Mammals, Elaborate fins in fishes etc. It is because, it is always Men who have to attract (or seduce) a Female.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Homo sapiens (Humans). I don’t know how did the roles interchange, but now it has become the Female who has to attract male with her physical features.

But evolution is not based on social roles, Men have retained their bodily features like muscles, big feet, and yes! eyelashes. Thus, men have longer eyelashes than women.

A possibility is that Men have denser, longer, and thicker body hair in general, so their eyelashes are also longer.

Another reason is than Men need longer eyelashes than women. Since men have been the ones to go outside of the home more often for hunt, work, etc, their false lashes which are supposed to block debris from the eyes are thicker and longer than women’s who stayed indoors where there’s no wind to transport debris.

And there you go, these might be the reason why Men have longer eyelashes than most of the women.

We don’t torture our false lashes with all those curlers, mascara, this and that anyway.

Bigger lashes… better you!

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