Faux Mink Lashes Promotion!

what is the best false eyelashes with cheapest price?

Many customers want the best false eyelashes with cheapest price, the new created cashmere faux mink eyelashes is the best choice for you.  

today we will share with you 3D faux Mink  Eyelashebusiness and share our great promotion to help young ladies who want to start a business in spare time.

Real 3D mink eyelashes and vegan 3d faux mink eyelashes are the most popular glue false eyelashes in the market side by side.

3D faux mink eyelashes can be divided many catagries because of the different material.

cashmere faux mink eyelashes are of the best looking among all materials.

if you want to check the samples physically, we launched new promotion with white packaging to help you save shipping cost.

30PCS is for the people with small money or wear false eyelashes personally.

False Eyelash Custom Box Eyelashes 3D Silk Cashmere Lashes Wholesale
sample cashmere faux mink lashes wholesale
Silk 3D False Eyelashes With Cheap Price High Quality Cashmere Lashes Wholesale
faux mink lashes vendors

If you want the samples to check quality and test market. we launched 120pairs or 300pairs. pls see the following.

vegan faux mink lashes supplier
3d faux mink eyelashes wholesale vendors

You can also select the cashmere faux mink lashes with the different styles you like.

Click here>>>>to get more faux mink eyelash styles.

How much of cashmere faux mink lashes ?

Cashmere faux mink lashes are semi-handmade,The monthly productivity is more, the quality and final effect is easy to control , so the labour cost is lower than real mink lashes.

The quantity is more the price will be better.

besides that cashmere faux mink lashes is absolutely vegan, matte black,

so they are suitable to sell in the big cosmetics supermarket!

If you want to know Top Quality Lashes Price and Whole Sale Lashes In Bulk service, just feel free contact us WhatsApp:008617669625211.

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