How Do You Make A Sample Eyelash Order?

How do you make a Sample Eyelash order?

Is it necessery to make a sample order first?—-Yes!

When you look for a supplier, it is a very time-consuming and energy-intensive thing. The things on the Internet are similar, the pictures are very good, and the price difference is very big? How to do? How to choose? It is often a big headache for buyers.

This is also inevitable, online marketing is like this, many Lashes Suppliers take pictures of the product is very beautiful, you think that the price is cheap to buy, but after receiving the goods, it is found that the quality and picture are too different, the style and picture are too different. Wasted you too much time.

Remember, good things are never cheap, and the Quality of cheap things is poor, adding money to one item.

How to find a Buyer? How to choose a product? Teach you a few tricks, maybe you can help you. . . .

First of all, you have to find a Marketable style, explosion models, even if the price is higher, you have to choose, because the high quality of the product is good, the style is novel, the market recognition is high, the circulation speed in the market is also fast, speed up your funds. Flow speed. This in itself is a very high profit.

In addition, pick a few Different styles, different lengths, different levels of eyelashes, because your customers are diverse, guide your customers to constantly change style, work, evening, dating, etc. .

Secondly, the style and quantity of the first purchase suggest not too much, the price is high, the cheap ones are bought a little more, try to bring the effect, comfort, durability and so on. If you are a good supplier, you can continue to cooperate for a long time. The more Handmade products, the more suppliers know about you, the more refined the products are.

Regarding packaging, many people like to make Custom packaging when making sample orders. If you have enough market experience, it is ok, you can customize the packaging according to your ideas.

If you don’t have an idea, just start to make eyelashes, I suggest to buy some of our company’s Beautiful packaging boxes for customers who just started to make their own logo. This will save you money and help you collect market feedback and start thinking about your own packaging.

Packaging is to better set off the eyelashes. Your eyelashes form a certain style and then match your packaging. Eyelashes are the main products, so don’t worry, there is no perfect thing in the world. All the perfect things are one. With a little bit of care, the packaging is perfect step by step.

Dear, boldly doing things with your heart, your Business must be getting better and better!


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