How to choose wholesale eyelash packaging?

People who have just started the mink eyelash business want to create their own eyelash brand , better publicity and marketing. It is intended to deepen consumers’ impression and cognition of their own official mink eyelash brand through personalized wholesale eyelash packaging.

2 ways of wholesale eyelash boxes

There are two ways to wholesale eyelashes packaging

No 1. : One is to tell the eyelash packaging vendors your idea and directly custom new luxury eyelash packaging box. However, one drawback of this approach is that usually lash packaging vendors have high requirements for ordering new eyelash packaging boxes. Usually 50 or 100 lashes boxes. This is a huge cost burden for those who are just starting the mink eyelashes business. Many people stop here.

No 2. : Another way is to choose the existing mink lash packaging sample box from the eyelash vendors. The reason why mink eyelash suppliers custom sample eyelashes packaging in advance is to help and support people who are just starting their mink eyelash business

Many people’s actual budget can only buy 20 or 30 high-quality mink eyelashes and packaging. But they also hope to have their own logo on the lash box. At this time the sample eyelashes box will bring great help. Cost saving, personalized customization and low MOQ.


Honey, If you start to choose a small quantity, HERMES LASHES do not recommend that you choose a custom lashes packaging. Because the minimum order quantity for customized lash packaging is 100 boxes.

If the quantity is too small, one is that the printing machine is difficult to operate, and the other is the high cost. Not affordable for you.

It is recommended that you first order some sample lash boxes and quality mink lashes to try and sell them in your local market.

If the customer’s feedback is good, then try to order custom wholesale eyelash packaging to expand sales. What do you think?

HERMES LASHES 2020 latest eyelashes sample box, logo can be printed. Low MOQ.

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