How to Custom Lashes packaging with own brand name?

Custom Eyelashes packaging is essential to help create your own lash brand.

Why have to Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Custom eyelash packaging box used for decoration, looks beautiful. Good-looking Eyelash packaging can improve the sales value.

Custom eyelash box is a great way to protect your eyelashes.

Moreover, trademarks and slogans can be printed on Customized Eyelash Packaging boxes to deepen the consumer’s impression of the brand, then increase the sales of the products.

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How to Custom Eyelashes Packaging with own brand?

Onlycanas Lashes factory established their own custom eyelash box factory to better serve our clients.

  • Design your eyelash packaging box according to your needs.

The Eyelashes packaging prototype are designed by our professional design team according to customer needs.

  • Custom Layout of a box

Layout drawings are customized according to different box shapes, which takes 0.5~1 days.

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For more popular different types of eyelash packaging, click here <<< What Kinds Of Eyelash Packaging Are Popular In The Market? or contact Kelsey for more information.

  • Print the Eyelashes Boxes

Our design team will design high-quality print images to print with the world’s top printers, so that the vivid and true colors are not easy to fade.

Eylash business logo and pattern

Lash brand slogon

Contact info, like website, email, instagram, facebook, etc.

Eyelash Private Label Empty Cases Logo Printing Eyelashes Boxes Wholesale

Printing includes hot stamping and normal printing. Hot stamping will make the whole pattern sparkle and enhance the class of the box.

If you want to know whether your box is hot stamped or not, you can WhatsApp us, we will share with you a simple and professional method for identification.

  • Cover the box with film

There are two types of film-coved paper: bright film and matte film.

The purpose of the film is to maintain the printing color for a long time, prevent the box from being scratched, and improve the quality of the box.

  • Assemble the box and sterilize

In the final step, workers will assemble the box and tidy it quietly, packing the lashes.

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How much Custom Lashes packaging box?

The quotation is based on the quantity, size, and consumables, process, and man-hour.

All Custom Lashes packaging produced by us are at the factory’s wholesale price, which is very cheap and highly competitive in the market.

The more you buy, the lower the price. If you buy our 3d lashes with custom lashes box together, we will give you big wholesale discount for sure.

If you want to get a favorable price and would like to purchase an Eyelash Box, now can contact us by WhatsApp 8617669625211.

In additon , We have prepared sample eyelash box that are all popular style in the market to support small business company.

Delivery speed is within 24 hours, which enables our customers to quickly occupy the market and save time.

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What is an impressive LOGO of Lashes Packaging?

Empty Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale With Your Own Logo

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