How To Do Private Label Lash Glue ?

What is the Lash glue you use now?

There are a variety of Eyelash glues on the market, and the price, quality and design are different. From the point of view of the naked eye, it is impossible to distinguish between quality and composition. But when you use the Eyelash glue, you can feel the obvious difference. Therefore, we recommend that when you purchase Lash glue, try it for yourself and feel it.

I have mentioned the composition and Lashes glue quality of Hermeslashes in the previous blog, so this time I will show you other aspects of our Mink lash glue. —Private custom eyelash glue

A good lash glue package can add points to your Eyelashes and deeper brand impressions. So we offer Custom glue packaging, you can print your company name, contact information, website address and other information on the Eyelash glue box. You can also design your favorite colors and more.

Secondly, if you want, you can display your company name or LOGO on the bottle of Eyelash glue. There are generally two ways: the sticker is attached to the glue bottle or the bronzing is on the bottle.

In terms of display effect, it is definitely better to directly bronzing on the Good eyelash glue bottle. Just the cost of a direct bronzing template will be higher than making a sticker. But we will save the template for you permanently.

Sticker is also an advantage. The price is cheaper than direct bronzing, and the delivery time is shorter than the direct bronzing, and the effect is not bad.

If the provided resource were not enough to help you resolve your issue, our experts are available to assist you.


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