Special 25mm Double Layered Mink Lashes to Girls — Hermes Lashes

Special 25mm Double Layered Mink Lashes to Girls — Hermes Lashes

Recently, Hermes Lashes Mink eyelashes Group did a series of questionnaires, entitled: “What kind of girl are you?” | 25mm Double Layered Mink Lashes

The significance of doing this topic is that we really want to understand the different girls’ feelings about the world and their expectations. This is really a very interesting experience.

Here are the answers from many girls:

User Tina: “This question is very simple. I am a girl who is not perfect but good enough. I really like my life now. I opened a shop online, enough for my expenses. And I will go to school at night to give college students a lesson. I enjoy this process.”

User Amy: “I think I am a strong girl. Now I just graduated, my male friend broke up with me, I haven’t found a job yet. But I believe I will get better and better.”

User Judy: “I am a very stubborn girl. I don’t like people interfering with my choices. Even if I am wrong, I am willing to try. I enjoy the feeling of being responsible for myself. I am very happy.”

After reading these answers, I really feel deeply. Every girl is like a shining star, unique. So we collected the moods and stories of many people and designed them into Eyelashes.

We hope that all Mink eyelashes are meaningful and are unique pieces of art.

If you have a story you want to share, you can contact us~

Choose Hermeslashes and choose the best Eyelash supplier.

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