How To Wear And Protect luxury Mink Lashes?

1: How to wear mink lashes ? When you get our luxury Mink Lashes. Pls use the the thin-tipped tweezers to fix the extra Mink eyelash band and remove the eyelashes from the bottom tray gently. Never fix the hair to remove the mink lashes directly ! In order to avoid damaging the new mink lashes especially for new customers, We’ve asked the workers to do an extra band on lashes. Pls refer to the following pictures.

2: Take the Mink Lashes to put on your eyes and check if the band length is suitable for your eyes. If longer, Then cut the extra band.

Then put the eyelash glue on the lash band carefully to avoid the glue overflow. After minutes, when the glue half dry, If you use the black glue or white glue, Wait until the glue becoming clear, This time ,the adhension is stronger, Then use the other curved tweezers to help you put on your eyes.

Then A beautifu Girl appears in front of you! Check the mirror, Beauty is so easy!

When you remove The Mink Lashes, Then gently lift the False eyelashes up from one side of the inner corner of the eye and remove them.

Finally, Be sure to put the Mink eyelash put on the tray to make the curl well and then put in box for storage.

Hermeslashes Mink eyelashes can be used more than 20-25 times. Please follow the steps to save carefully.

Good things shoud take care of it . Let us respect artwort, Respect pure hand made Mink Lashes.

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