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Plastic Custom Lashes Cases

Many customers prefer to plastic Mink Lashes Cases . There are several ways to do private logo fo Plastic Mink Lashes cases.

Some people choose to print a private label sleeve outside like the following:

Some people choose a printed sticker with private logo on , or hot stamped logo on the lash tray, Like the following:

All the above doesn’t look so high class, Now Hermeslashes overcome difficulties to create a new technology to hot stampled logo on the Mink Lashes Cases with low cost which looks better.

This technology completely preserves all the colors and effects of LOGO and is very textured. If you touch it with your hand, you can feel the bulge of the LOGO part. And the MInk Lash Tray stamped by this way does not fade , and it is also very strong.

Next, I will show you some Hermeslashes Plastic Mink Lash Case models:

Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes Custom Lash Boxes Plastic Mink Lash Case with Private Logo

This lash box is fully transparent and has a crystal-like feel, Feel simple and luxurious. And this Mink Lashes Cases can be plastic, if your LOGO is very simple, then the overall style will be very simple after printing on the Mink lashes Cases. If your LOGO style is cute, then the effect of this box will be very cute. 拍一些照片

Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes Custom Lash Boxes Plastic Round Case

The Following is Plastic Round Mink Lashes Cases is black with a transparent window and it looks cute and save place in your bag. You can choose the bottom card with different colors, such as: silver, gold, pink, blue and so on. Different colors can bring different visual effects.

Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes Custom Lash Boxes Plastic Round Case

This Custom Mink Lashes cases is gold and has a small round mirror inside. It looks delicate and small, very portable and convenient to put it in your own bag. This Beautiful mink lashes cases can also choose the bottom paper of different colors according to your preference.

Choose Hermeslashes, Choose the best !

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