Why does eyelashes “newcomers” give priority to buying Mink Eyelash Set?

Mink Eyelash Set is now the most popular product of false eyelash customers. It can save the capital cost to the customer to the greatest extent.

Why Hermes Lashes launched the Mink Eyelashes Set ?

Dear Mink Lashes customers, please kindly noted that every decision made by Hermes Lashes Mink Lashes Factory is based on “maximizing customer cost savings, creating maximum benefits for customers, and focusing on the long-term development of each customer.”

The number of False mink eyelash sets varies from 10-20 pairs, mixed 3D, 5D and natural styles. These styles are Hermes Lashes based on years of sales experience, the market has always been popular eyelashes styles, or newly designed mink lashes styles. These Official Mink Eyelash styles are most helpful for customers to open the market in the shortest time.

Acrylic Lashes display box

Because there are always a lot of customers asking these questions, we are ready for you. You can also make your own judgment according to the actual market demand and match the 3D mink lashes style independently. Tell me, let me help you!(whatsapp: +86 176 6962 5211)

In addition, considering the international express charge standard, the minimum charge for international express is $ 30. We carefully counted the number of Premium Mink Eyelashes within 0.5 kilograms, so that the cost per Eye Lashes pair is the lowest.

Creat Successful Mink Eyelashes Business

Modern people have precious time and obvious personality, and do not like a single model. So their makeup is sometimes light makeup, sometimes heavy makeup. Since then, everyone’s makeup and personality need different types of Mink Strip Eyelashes to match. Buy different real mink fur eyelashes styles at a time to prepare for unexpected needs.

Consider more than you, Try to find shortcuts to Make beauty easy is Hermes Lashes dedication.  

The Latest Mink Lashes Set From HERMES LASHES

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