What issues should pay attention when ordering Mink Lashes Bundle samples?

We are the best mink lashes bundle manufacturer wholesale and private label mink lashes.

More and more customers are turning to mink eyelashes vendors, super quality mink lashes are carefully crafted and will not give you outdated inferior products , So the best mink lashes bulk manufactuer don’t provide free samples, How to choose samples and how to save postage?

How to choose mink eyelash samples?

We have 8 catagries of 3d mink lashes bundle for you to choose , Each of catalog we have selected the popular lash styles

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First, when choosing mink lashes samples, it is recommended to discover the beauty of each product from the perspective of the end consumers, and choose 5-6 mink lashes samples with high popularity in the market. These products have their own traffic to help you open market in soon time.

Choose 2-3 mink lashes samples that you like better. The products you like represent your understanding of the products. Take a look at the market.

Most of our customers are in the U.S. The U.S. market likes mink lashes 3d, and the Middle East market is popular with 3d faux mink lashes.

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How to plan carefully and save freight?

It is recommended to choose more than 10 styles for the samples, because The postage to USA is about US$25. If there are less than 10 styles, the shipping cost for each product will be US$2.5. The more samples, the less the shipping cost.

When choosing the packaging, do not choose a large and thick packaging. The large and thick packaging will not look good, and the large volume and weight will waste shipping costs.

Here are several mink lashes cheap packaging options.

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