Which Is The Most Cost-Effective Express To Ship False Eyelahses?

False Eyelashes belong to the foam goods in air transportation, that is to say, Its volume weight is greater than the actual weight,
When the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, The express company will calculate the postage by the heavier weight.

So our workers will try to reduce the volume as much as possible on the basis of ensuring that the false eyelashes are not crushed during packaging, so as to save more freight and reduce costs.

What is the price of postage below 0.5kgs?

We have sorted out the postage of some commonly used express companies, You can refer to the postage and the time required to arrive at the door for those below 0.5 kg.

With regards to strip false eyelashes. below 30pcs, They will charge it as 0.5kgs.

so the MOQ of false eyelashes is 30pcs for real mink eyelashes.

Express companyShipping costDelivery due
Economy parcelusd23.0010-15days
Worldwide express via dwusd37.006-10days
Ups saverusd44.009-12days
faux mink eyelashes wholesale

How to save postage of shipping false eyelashes?

Private label false eyelashes cases wholesale vendors

Of course , your order quanity is more , the price of false eyelashes is more lower and the postage will be lower accordingly.

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