Who supply short Natural Eyelashes?

What is short Natural Eyelashes worth buying?

The worth Nautral Lashes in the market is Natural Mink Eyelash, made from real mink fur, fluffy, wispy, vivid and soft.

If you want to buy the best natural lashes, you’d better choose Natural mink eye lashes. At the same time, that will be a little more expensive than natural fiber lashes or plastic lashes.

Online Short Eyelashes Vendor Hand Made Full Strip Wholesale Lashes Private Label

Natural Lashes are a special type of lashes, which are short than Long Dramatic Lashes. We design and produce unique Natural Fake Lash, more and more girls would love to choose Natural-Looking Eyelashes when they are in the office.

Wholesale Vendor Lashes Eyelash Strip Short 3D Mink Eyelashes Model Show

First, Save time and money.

They can do it by themselves at home with only $3 by themselves instead of in Lash Bar or Shalon. That will cost at least 1 hour and $ 150.

Hand Made Full Strip Short Eye Wholesale Mink Lashes Private Label

Second, too much more styles to choose.

There are so many different Natural Lash styles for girls choose from, include daily makeup and dramatic makeup.

It is better than lashes extension, because you can’t change natural lashes extension every day.

So there is a huge market opportunity in the short natural lashes market.

Eyelashes Custom Made 3D Mink With Own Brand Short Wholesale Strip Lashes Suppliers

If you have your Lashes Business you should test the short natural lashes.

Definitely, That will promote your lashes business at last.

How much do Natural Lashes cost?

If you find good Lash Vendors such as Onlycanas Lashes, you can buy at a good wholesale price.

Usually, it cost from $1.5 to $3 according to your orders quantity and material. The more the cheaper.

Besides, if you order custom lash packaging together, you may get a good wholesale price too.

If you want to get an exact wholesale price now, you can message us with WhatsApp.

Who supply short natural lashes?

Onlycans Lashes factory supply all the different natural short eyelashes.

Most of our customers said some girls would love to buy Short Natural Lashes, but no Lashes Factory design and produce this types of lashes, so we design according to the market.

10-13Mm Short Eyelashes Russian D Curl Strip Lashes Wholesale Lash Vendors

Different lashes styles help girls make a professional natural-looking eye makeup

So if you have a small eye or want to make professional workplace eye make-up, most girls would love to buy the short natural lashes.

They won’t spend 1 to 2 hours and more than $100 to do natural lashes extensions anymore.

Fur Lashes Top Quality Eyelash Short 3D Mink Eyelashes Model Show

Help girls save time and money, especially in the COVID-19 period

People can easily apply on the short natural lashes at home instead of going to the Lash salon or lash bar, which will be much safer than the public lash bar in the COVIN-19 period.

Hand Made Full Strip Short Natural 16Mm 18Mm Mink Fake Eye Lashes

If you have started your business, Onlycanas Lashes can help you build your lashes website also.

For more information about the Mink Lash Vendors With Packaging you can leave comments and messages to us.

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