Why Are We Engaged In High-end Eyelashes?

Why are we engaged in High-end Eyelashes?

Many customers who want to enter the Eyelash Industry always ask me a question: Should I work on High-end Eyelashes or Low-end Eyelashes? My answer is – high-end eyelashes!

The first reason: quality. you get what you pay for. Nowadays, the price of Eyelashes on the market is uneven. Many customers have no choice but to choose how to choose. I don’t know where the difference lies. But in fact, when you receive the goods, you will understand that the quality varies greatly from raw materials to craftsmanship. The comfort and appearance are very different. The good eyelashes are light and comfortable, and the bad eyelashes are stiff and heavy.

The second reason: the customer. In fact, the price difference in the market is about 1-5usd, but for consumers, they are more willing to make themselves look more elegant and refined than saving 1-5usd. Just like luxury goods, although expensive, but the meaning to women is not the same, they want to buy not the quantity, but the exquisite. Low-priced, low-quality eyelashes can cause customer churn.
Many eyelash companies have closed down in the past decade, but we don’t. why? Because we only do high-end quality eyelashes. Low-price competition has no end, and the result is to reduce costs and reduce quality, resulting in the loss of a large number of customers, making ends meet, extremely dangerous.

Finally, no supplier wants to raise the price for you, because you are a partner, not a competitor. Only if you are strong, your suppliers can be strong together!


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