Why does Lashes Vendors set the MOQ of Custom Private Label Eyelash Packaging?

Hermeslashes Supply you Exquisite Custom Eyelash Packaging Private Label

With the “Black Five”, Thanksgiving and Christmas festival coming, many customers are beginning to prepare for their Eyelash Line business. Recently, we have received many enquiries and orders from new and old customers, including customers who want to order new Custom Eyelash Packaging Private Label .

A lovely lady, Miss Karis, negotiated with me about Mink Eyelashes and Eyelashes Packaging. Prior to this, she had ordered our 3D Natural Mink Lashes samples and was very satisfied with the lashes styles and quality. But the only thing Karis is confusing the quantity of Eyelash Box. Karis tells me that she is just starting off, the current budget does not allow her to order 100 eyelash boxes. She hope I can help her find a solution to help her carry out her Mink Eyelash Business.

Many customers who want to start their new lashes line will be troubled about Lashes Boxes quantity. Why does Lashes Vendors set the MOQ of Custom Private Label Eyelash Packaging?

In fact, the MOQ of the Custom Eyelash Packaging Private Label is not set for the purpose of increasing the sales volume, it ‘s  we calculated the cost to find the most econmica and cost-effective quantity for the customer. Usually we recommend that the Paper Card Lashes Boxes is 500 boxes. The Magnetic Eyelashes Box is 100 boxes. The reason is that there is a fixed Filming cost and a boot fee when custom a batch of Eyelashes Boxes, no matter ordering 1 box or 100 boxes. So if the amount is small, and the cost spreaded over a single box is higher.

For example, Custom 50 Magnetic Lashes Box, the unit price is $2.2 each, total price is $110. However for 100 Magnetic Lashes Packaging, the unite price is $1.7 each, total price is $170. So, in the long run, is it more cost-effective to order 100 Magnetic boxes?

Honey, you are not only our customers, but also our partners. How to save money for you is also something we must consider.

If you think that the custom eyelash box is expensive, many of the available Exquisite Lashes Boxes for your choice from. We produced in advance to save customers time and cost. You can choose printed your own logo or make a logo sticker on it. Glitter Paper Lashes Boxes, Round Lashes Case with mirror, Crocodile Print Lashes Boxes, 2 pairs Lashes Boxes Set , Eyelashes Kit, etc, these boxes have a high order quantity. Many customers who have just started lashes line have limited budget, are not able to bear it. Therefore, our company bears the cost of Custom Eyelash Boxes for customers. As long as it can help you open your market, we will be at your service.

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