Why Is Your Lash Business Stagnating?

The quality of bulk false eyelashes are not good

There is an important thing you should know if you are an lash distributor!

Most false eyelash supplier have no their own factory, it is only a packing factory.

The eyelash factory you found on website or you visited physically, They may purchase semi-products from another supplier in order to save cost, and they just packing eyelash products in their own factory.

if you cooperate with this kind of false eyelash manufacturer,

How to finish one pair of strip false eyelashes?

One small pair of false eyelashes will take several procedures to finish it,

from the design pattern,

putting lash hairs on the design pattern by skilled workers,

check the quality if the lash hairs is orderly,

make lash band,

make lash curve,

Tidy the curvature.

put on the tray .

packing the eyelashes.

So if you just pay attention to the price, it is hard to get the high quality eyelash products. Can you understand it ?

If you have purchased the cheap false eyelashes, never feel happy that you get a good bargain!

Your eyelash supplier may be collecting the bulk false eyelashes from different suppliers with different quality, different styles!

After learning the procedures of how to make eyelashes, you will get that Any procedure done by another supplier and not do by their own workers, the final eyelash products will be bad! because they can not control the quality very well.

If quality of your eyelash products is not good, can you understand the serous problems dear?

The delay Delivery Due badly effect valuable selling time for false eyelashes

2: When you are statified with the eyelash sample quality and the price, and happy to order eyelashes in bulk, If the price is low, This maybe a trap!!

For bulk false eyelashes. Your eyelash suppliers may put some poor quality lashes into it or they purchase eyelashes from different eyelash suppliers or they transfer some procedures to others to finish it.

In this way, you can imagine how to assure the quality and delivery due?

It looks that the cost is lower, but the customers may pay higher loss!!

You should know a fact that Without its own workers to finish all procedures of false eyelashes, without uniform management, it is difficult to guarantee the delivery time.

During the epidemic, North Korea is often closed to the country, and other semi-products processing factories not only make eyelashes only for one factory.

When you ordering eyelashes in bulk, the delayed delivery due will make you miss the valuable market opportunities!

Change the false eyelashes for your customers

3: After doing lash business for time. you working hard to accumulate some good customers by good quality false eyelashes, some customers use the similar eyelashes instead of the good quality lash products in order to save cost and get more profit,

You think the false eyelashes looks similar, but the customers wear the eyelashes every day, they can know you’ve changed the goods at once.

Dear, In this market, price and quality are always proportional!

The skilled workers and their cost is relatively high. They are serious in making goods and can understand the designer’s drawings.

from Eyelash hairs placement, thin eyelash band making or the eyelash effects, they are every strict with every procedure , rather than being made by some workers in a daze and just do similar ok.

Appearancely it looks the same, for actural feeling ,your customers experience it phycically, if you change the goods, they will know in the first time and once they get it , they will have a feeling of being deceived.

Which will lead to loss of customers. Many middlemen exchange goods for customers and lose customers.

Suitable eyelash packaging can promote your lash business

4: Marketing is wrong
Many customers have cheap eyelashes, but the box is very high-end, and the cost of the box even exceeds the cost of eyelashes, which reduces the price competitiveness of the entire set.

Diffent quality of false eyelashes need a kind suitable eyelash packaging.

Good eyelashes are matched with a good box in order to win customers with quality.

When cheap eyelashes need to attract customers with price, the cost of the box is relatively low, and use the price to win customers.

This makes consumers feel comfortable. In the long run, consumers will have solid and trustworthy cooperation with you.

if a bad eyelash with a luxury packing, how do you feel that?

All inclusion, “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty” can be used in eyelash design. also can be used for every customers who cooperate with you .

Contact us Miss kelsey team, if you have any inquiry , Hope your business be more and more prosperous!

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