Beautiful Eyelash Sample Box

Beautiful Eyelash Sample Box

With the rising trend of the Mink eyelash market, more and more people want to start their Own eyelash business with Mink eyelashes and Eyelash Sample Boxes. Hermeslashes respects people who have ideas and are brave to implement, because we are the same.

Many people have a problem: What do they do when they want to buy some exquisite and beautiful Eyelashes box, but don’t have enough budget to Customize eyelash box?

In line with the idea of serving customers, Hermeslashes has customized a series of popular Sample eyelash boxes on the market, and in order to help customers start the Eyelash business better, the price is very favorable, which is our blessing to the customers who started the Mink eyelash business.

I have already introduced two in the previous blog , and today we will introduce two more:

The first : “Lizard Paper” box

As the name implies, this Eyelash box paper texture is like the skin of a lizard. It is very atmospheric and luxurious, and the Mink eyelashes are more refined. There are two colors: white and black.

Another: laser silver box

This Eyelash box raw material is silver laser paper, which is also a very fashionable style on the market. Recently there is a popular word: colorful silver. That’s it. It is more suitable for 20mm eyelashes, 25mm eyelashes, 28mm eyelashes and other Long eyelashes, with its color, very cool.

What kind of Lashes box do you like? Welcome to contact us. If your design is original and beautiful, we will use your design and give it to you for free.

How to place an order?

Send me the model you like! Orders on the same day, same day delivery!



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