New eyelashes that keep up with the trend of the times

New eyelashes that keep up with the trend of the times

Hello everyone, today is the second day of 2019, I hope everyone will go well in the new month. Hermeslashes also has good news for you—- the Latest style of eyelashes!
Yesterday, the first day of August, our latest eyelashes were officially launched! Thanks to our professional design team and manual workers for their contributions.

As the cosmetics, fast-moving products, the supply speed of New styles eyelash is very important. Hermeslashes has always made Innovative styles eyelash an important goal. We will release the customer here and send it to our customers in the first time so that you can occupy the market share ahead of time and further open your eyelash business.

Next I will introduce you to the new 20mm eyelashes:


This Mink eyelash has a total of 11 group minks, and each design is the most popular crossover, the shape is short at both ends, and the middle is long. This style Mink lash is designed to maximize the magnification of your eyes, and your eyes look bigger and brighter.

DM28-Star Flower

The name of this Mink eyelash is Star Flower. As its name suggests, its design is inspired by the stars, shining like stars, beautiful and elegant like flowers. It has a total of 7 groups minks, each with a large crossover style, very unique and beautifully worn. very popular.

DM29-Princess’s Net

This Design eyelash is very special, it has a total of 19 hairs, the arrangement is very special, both fluffy design and thin design, much like a net. Its style is long and the front is long and long, which can play a role in lengthening the eye shape. The overall look is very charming.

Choose Hermeslashes, choose The best design mink eyelashes!

How to place an order?

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