The Biggest Secret in Beauty: False eyelashes

Arguably the biggest secret in beauty is false eyelashes. They are used as widely as lipstick and mascara on the red carpet and on celebrities, but rarely have they trickled down into the mainstream. Even mascara ads are now admitting to the use of false eyelashes in their ads. While the 60s may have deterred modem women from wearing false eyelashes, today’s false lashes are almost undetectable from real lashes and can make eyes appear more alert and larger all while retaining a natural look. For aging eyes, false lashes can fill in areas that areas that are sparse or lift outside corners of the eyes that are falling from collagen breakdown. For aging eyes that lack definition, a full strip can lift the eye to make eyes appear open, lifted, and youthful.

False eyelash strips

Eyelash strips have evolved and can look completely natural, and are very versatile. They come in dozens of different styles. Some offer a retro look while others crisscross at the base, duplicating the look of natural lashes and are nearly undetectable. It is now hard to tell where natural lashes end and false ones begin. When looking for strips, pay attention to the shape of your eye. Women with wide-set eyes should look for lashes that are longer in the middle of the strip and taper at both ends. This will open up the eyes instead of further widening them. If eyes are more close set, choose lashes that are shorter in the middle and longer at the ends of the lashes. This draws eyes out. When in doubt, try a few different styles to see what works best. Most false eyelash strips need to be cut to fit the length of eyes as all eyes vary in length.

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