False lashes: the popular beauty type

False lashes form a standard part of photographic and fashion makeup and in modelling give dramatic effect from a distance. If integrated as a part of a total look and chosen and applied with care, false lashes can give a very elegant and attractive appearance to the face. In the same way as eyeliners, false lashes follow fashion trends, losing and regaining favor, but remaining popular at all times with the younger client.


The variety of false lashes available gives a wide range of possible effects for enhancing or correcting the eye.

Very fine false lashes produce a natural appearance, emphasising the density of the existing lashes without seeming artificial.


Heavier lashes attached to a more solid base require a more exaggerated makeup to complement them, and should be kept for distance and photographic work.

Partial lashes to extend width, give uplift or general emphasis to the eye can be very useful in correcting eye faults. They balance the eyes and improve the profile appearance.

The decision to use false lashes will depend on the client’s ability to cope with them and the general sensitivity of the eye area. They must suit the overall makeup and be able to be worn confidently by the client.

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