Which is love queen for my eyes?

I LOVE FAUX LASHES, and I use them all the time to make a woman’s eyes appear bigger and, of course, bring some drama to a look!
This model reminded me very much of HermesLashes. Who has huge, huge eyes that always seem to scream, but they’re also her best feature, and I thought, let’s just go all the way with it-in a way, accentuating the eyes with faux lashes can minimize any bulbousness. I applied strip lashes to both top and bottom lashes. I also used some individual lashes for even more volume, applying them in different directions for a “starburst” effect and using extra in the outer corners to make her round eyes appear more elongated.

Top and Bottom Lashes

I finished the look with white eyeliner “winging” out from each corner of her eye. This gave her an almost futuristic look, while also serving to further elongate her eyes. African-American skin can handle a lot of color, so don’t be afraid to use it, just be sure to limit it to one facial feature. The rest of her face I kept fairly natural, though I applied a rosy blush high up on her cheeks almost to her lower lids to draw even more attention to her eyes.

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