Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Queen – Double Layer Lashes

Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Queen – Double Layer Lashes

We all know that Hermeslashes’ star collections are DM 20mm mink lashes and DH 25mm mink lashes, which are very popular on the market. But in fact, we have another exclusive Queen series: 25mm Double layer lashes.

As the name implies, its length is 20-25mm, and the special feature is the double layer design.

So, is it just double the mink?

No. The DB series Mink eyelash double layer means more than twice the mink. It is a change from design. Compared to the ordinary single-layer Mink eyelash design, this eyelash needs to be combined and modified with 2-3 styles to form a Mink eyelashes. Designers need to pay 2-3 times the effort.

It is also very rigorous in terms of production. We all know that the length and width of the 3D mink eyelash stem are fixed, and can not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the wearing experience, so that the eyes have a negative feeling. This time you need to be strictly trained and skilled workers to complete. This is our first design. Later, many suppliers wanted to produce the same Besutiful eyelashes with reference to our styles, but their eyelashes were stiff and heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Even now, there are few perfect factories that can make this eyelash, and we are doing the best.

Do you prefer single or double layer Mink eyelashes?

Choose hermeslashes and choose original High quality mink eyelashes.

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