New Meaningful Mink Eyelashes

New Meaningful Mink Eyelashes

Today is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month and the Chinese Qixi Festival. Today, everyone will express their love for their lover. By means of gifts or letters.

In fact, it is very common to place emotions through festivals. It represents our inheritance of history and culture, and also has an opportunity to express emotions, and will make the ordinary days more interesting things.

To keep up with the trend, Hermeslashes has introduced a new style of Mink eyelashes. — Love section

The intersection of each mink represents the intersection of two people in love. The length of each mane represents the things that are encountered in life, sour and bitter. But they are still tightly attached to the 3D Mink eyelashes, just like a strong love.

Each Mink eyelash style is different, but they are beautiful. Everyone’s love is different, but they are all the same romance.

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