HERMESLASHES New Eyelash Packaging Boxes

HERMESLASHES New Eyelash Packaging Boxes

The box is an important part of the Mink eyelashes, and a good eyelash should be matched with the same delicate Lash box. When you want to buy some Mink eyelashes, you can choose different styles of 3D eyelashes according to the style of the Mink Lashes.

Hermeslashes has customized some exquisite Eyelash packaging boxes for the convenience of customers, so that even in the sample order, it will not increase your cost because of the Eyelash box. Today I will introduce two models for you:

The first one: peach blossom

In Chinese, peach blossom also represents love. This box is inspired by the girl who is waiting for love. Its color is like a girl’s blushing face, pink and lovely. The outside of the box is matched with a concave and convex pattern, and the unique raw materials increase the design of the Lashes box.

Second one:

The combination of red and gold is a very traditional color scheme. It is like the flag of China. With the flash material, you can display the characteristics of the 3D Mink eyelashes.

Which styles Lashes box do you like? Welcome to contact us~

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How to place an order?

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