Hermeslashes Wedding Eyelash

Hermeslashes Wedding Eyelash

What style of Wedding eyelash do you plan to use at the wedding to show your charm?

So far, Hermeslashes has been constantly innovating in Mink eyelash styles, and has launched many series of 3D eyelashes. But in order to provide more choices for our customers, we are constantly innovating and making The most beautiful eyelashes.

Weddings are an occasion that all girls value. Everyone wants to be in perfect condition on the wedding day, beautiful dresses, exquisite makeup, Beautiful eyelashes. As a girl who is full of expectations for love and marriage, I also hope that I can be beautiful and refined at my wedding.

So, Hermeslashes launched the wedding eyelashes, the Bride’s eyelashes. Some brides like solemn weddings, some brides like fresh natural weddings, and some brides like lively and interesting weddings…

According to different types of weddings we have introduced different styles Mink eyelashes:

Which style of eyelashes do you want to use at your wedding?

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25mm single layer Star Hot Mink Eyelashes — DH Series

16mm Light Natural Mink Eyelashes — A Series

16mm 3D Natural Mink Eyelashes — 3D Series

25mm Double layer Queen Mink Eyelashes — DB Series

28mm Super Long 3D Mink Eyelashes — DX Series

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How to place an order?

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