The Most Popular Eyelashes This Week’S Order

The Most Popular Eyelashes This Week’S Order

Eyelash styles are constantly being updated, and so far we have a lot of Mink eyelashes in many series. Every customer’s preferences are different. Starting today, I will record The most popular eyelash styles for each week and month, and the most eyelash styles shipped.

Today is Friday, according to this week’s shipment, I counted the two most Popular eyelashes:

The first one: 25mm mink lashes DH007

This eyelash is a popular eyelash with a length of 25mm. This 3D Mink eyelash has a total of 8 bundles and 7 small bundles, and each bundle of bristles is long and short on one side, so it has a design sense. It will make the eyelashes more attractive to wear. You can zoom in on your eyes and be more attractive.

Second: Miami lash — 3D09 16mm mink lashes

Miami is our classic style, which has been specially designed by our designers and quickly became popular in the market. It has always been very popular with customers. It belongs to our 3D natural eyelash series, which is very characteristic but not exaggerated. Whether it’s a daily makeup or a work makeup. It is also very rigorous in the design of each Eyelash mink, the length is staggered, and the length of the design can be seen when worn.

Do you like these styles Mink lashes?

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